Important Events Of June

Festivals of India:

1.Sindhu Darshan festival is celebrated  on the banks of river Sindhu,

(known as Indus also) which gave ”India” its name. The festival is celebrated

on the full moon day,(Guru Purnima) in  Hindu month, Ashadha,

(between June and July) each year. It is a festival of 3 days.

On the first day a reception ceremony is conducted  on the bank

of the river Sindhu at Shey Manla,located in Leh, Ladakh (in the

State of Jammu and Kashmir) by a joint association of committes

of different religious groups. 50 senior Lamas offer prayers on the

banks of the river as a part of  ritual of the festival. A series of cultural

programmes  are presented by the artists from the various states of

the country and sight seeing tours also are conducted for the

participants of the festival.Then the day ends with bonfire.

A puja (worship) is organised on the second day of the festival.

On the last day it is time for the participants to depart.

2.Shimla Summer Festival, at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh,

during the first week of June.

3. The exuberant 10 days Rath Yatra/Cart festival of Lord

Jagannatha at Puri, in the State of Orissa, is held on the

second day of  the  Hindu month Ashadha, every year.

The festival celebrates the annual journey of  Lord Jagannatha

along with His brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra, from the 12th

century Jagannath temple at puri in 3 splendid wooden chariots,

pulled by devotees to the Gundicha  Mata’s temple, 3 km away.  The chariots

of  Lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra are respectively known

as Nandighosh, Taladhwaja and Padmadhwaja. The festival ends 9 days

later, when the 3 deities make their way back home to the Jagannatha temple.

4.Trinity Sunday is celebrated on Sunday after Pentecost. The Catholic Church

has set aside the day to honour the most fundamental Christian beliefs- the

Holy Trinity.

5. The nativity feast of Saint John, the Baptist, is the most

popular festival in Goa.(celebrated on June 24th annually)

It is a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of John ,

the Baptist, who foretold the coming of  the Messiah in the

person of Jesus and who baptized Jesus.
Puttanna Kanagal,(B:December 1, 1933;D:June 5,1985)was an Indian
popular film maker(Kannada cinema).
6.Feast of  St. Peter  and St. Paul on  June 29th  annually at Goa.

St. Peter was  a patron of the fisherman and St. Paul

was known  for his hand craft. Both were martyred

on the same day leading to  the celebration of these

two  Saints on the same day. They are celebrated on June 29th.

7.Hemis Festival (June 29-30), at Hemis Monastery, Leh,

Ladakh, It commemorates the birth of Padmasabhava, who

founded Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. There’s traqditional music,

colourful masked dances and a fair, full of striking handicrafts.


1)Egypt’s ex-President Hosni Mubarak(84 years) gets life imprisonment

on June2, 2012; a stunning fall from grace for a man who ruled the country

for nearly 3 decades. He is the first Arab leader, to be tried in his own country.

He faced charges of corruption and found guilty for his role in the killings of

protesters during last year’s uprising that ousted him from power.

2)Nigeria’s DANA Air flight  crashed into buildings in Lagos, the commercial capital  of

Nigeria, killing  153 on board and 40 others  on the ground on June 3, 2012.

3)International day of Innocent Children, Victims of  Aggression, on June 4.

4)June,5th-World environment day.

National Filaria Day in India was launched on June 5, 2oo4  by Union Health

Minister, Dr. A.Ramadoss. However, the day is observed every year on

different dates.

5)June 6th,2012- The brightest  planet Venus passed right in front of the Sun/

between  Sun and Earth, a transit that won’t occur again until 2117.

6)Fathers’  Day on third Sunday of June.

7)14th June–Birthday of  Steffi Graf, tennis star ;

World Blood Donor Day and World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

8)International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking on June 26th.
Kayyara Kinhanna Rai(B:June 8, 1915)is an author,
poet, former journalist and independence activist.
9)World Diabetes Day on June 27th.

10)June,29th-National Statistics Day  to commemorate the birth anniversary  of

statistician, Prasantha Chandra  Mahalanobis, the father of modern Indian

statistical system.



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