A Page From My Diary.

———————————Hari Om———————————-

Quote of the day:

Time is a valuable currency.Spend it wisely.


When the father asks his son to go for a hair cut,

the son who has  a thorough knowledge of Bible,

replies,” Dad, you know  that  Samson had long hairs;

Moses had long hairs; Noah had long hairs;and even

Jesus had long hairs.So why should I go for hair cut?”

Informations about tourist attractions of  Calgary:

1.The province of Alberta, in Canada  was named after Princess

Louise Caroline Alberta,  the IVth  daughter of Queen Victoria.

In French, Alberta means ”great meadow.”  Edmonton is the

capital of Alberta.

2.Telus Spark  is Canada’s first purpose-built  new Science Centre

and a place for people of all ages and abilities to explore and

discover science, technology and art in a new and amazing ways.

Telus Spark is located in 220 st.George’s Drive NE Calgary.

Astronomy night is held on first Thursday of  each month.

Telescopes will be set up outside for viewing  the Moon  and Jupiter

if the weather permits or inside  for a show-and-tell session  if skies

are cloudy. The  Astronomy Night will feature a talk,  pre-viewing the

best sky events for the year.

3.Canmore is a town in Alberta, Canada, 81 kilometres west of Calgary,

near the southeast boundary of  Banff  National Park. It is located in  the

Bow Valley within Alberta’s Rockies.Points of interest are- Canmore

Nordic Centre, Gotto Mountain, Ha Ling Peak, Spray Lakes Reservoir

and 3 Sisters,  a set of 3 mountains, just east of  Canmore, which has

become the symbol of the town.

4.Maligne Lake is a  lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

It is famed for the colour of  its water, the surrounding  peaks, the

3 glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island, one of the most

photographed  locations in the world.

5.Banff  is  a town within Banff National Park, in Alberta, Canada.

The Banff city  is located in Alberta’s  Rockies along the Trans-Canada

Highway, west of  Calgary. It is surrounded by mountains, notably

Mount Rundle, Sulphur Mountain, Mount Norquay and Cascade

Mountain. The town is situated above Bow Falls, near the confluence  of  the  Bow

River  and  Spray River. There are 9 hot springs in Sulphur  Mountain.

Of them, 2 have been commercially developed -”Banff  Upper Hot Springs”

and hot springs at  ”Cave  and Basin Natural Historic Site.”

6.Banff  National Park is Canada’s oldest  Park established in 1885, in the

Rocky Mountains. It includes Moraine Lake and the ”Valley of  the Ten

Peaks”,  that is crowned by  ten notable peaks. Banff  National Park is

known as  a Travellers  Mecca, for good reason. The Park covers an

area of 6,641 kms. mountainous landscape. What makes Banff

National Park so special is its combination of  vast unspoiled

wilderness, mountain lakes such as Lake Louise and the

gateway of  it all:  The town of  Banff.

7.Top attractions of  Canadian Rocky Mountains,a UNESCO

World Heritage Site are natural  hot mineral  springs—

Radium Hot Springs in BC’s Kootenay National Park,

Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park and  Banff Upper

Hot Springs in Banff National Park.

8.Jasper National Park covers an area of 10,880 kms.

Spirit Island is a tiny island, located in the turquoise

coloured  Maligne  Lake in Jasper National Park. The

background is composed of  forested mountains topped

by glaciers. It is an exceptional scenic location. This

landmark is the destination of  boat trips across the Maligne

Lake. The guide on the boat tour is  informative.


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