A Page From My Diary.

——————–Hari Om———————-

2)Health Corner:

Mushrooms aid the immune system  by increasing the

production of white blood cells.

3)Do you know?

”Hair speaks  volumes about an individual,

revealing  ethnic origin, environment, diet

and even life style”–scientists have said.

Attractions of Calgary, Canada:

1.Waterton lakes is the Canadian portion of the Waterton-Glacier

International  Peace Park-the only place in the world that you can

find a UNESCO World Heritage Site, an International Peace Park and

a Biosphere Reserve all rolled into one.

2. Lake Louise (known to the stoney people as  ”Lake of the Little Fishes”)

was given the present name(in honour of  Princess Louise Caroline  Alberta,

VI child of Queen  Victoria)  in 1884.

3.Banff  National Park is the birthplace of  Canada’s national park system.

It was established in 1885 around the  warm mineral springs  at the Cave

and Basin National Historic Site. The name ”Banff” comes from  Banffshire,

Scotland, birthplace of a major financier of  the Canadian Pacific Railway.

4.Jasper National Park is known as the gentle giant of  the mountain national

parks.It is the world’s  largest dark sky  preserve, the majority of  the park

being  free from artificial light.

5. Yoho National Park was established in 1886, as one of the three parks

along the  Canadian Pacific Railway. The word ”Yoho” means ”awe”.

The park contains spectacular waterfalls and 28 peaks over 3,000

metres tall. Reward yourself  by standing at the base of  the

thundering waters of  Takakkaaw Falls, one of the  highest

waterfalls in Canada. Other attractions of the park are

Spiral Tunnels and Kicking Horse Pass.

6. Kootenay National Park was established in 1920. 

Attractions of the park are-Radium hot springs and

marble canyon.

7. Icefields Parkway:attractions are-Athabasca Falls,

Herbert Lake, Valley of the Five Lakes.

8.Jasper Tramway: Enjoy the vistas of  6 mountain ranges,

glacial fed lakes, meandering rivers and the scenic mountain

town -site of Jasper, with  the Jasper Tramway ”VGuide”,  one

of  the world’s richest self-guided interpretive devices. Friendly

and informative Tram guides accompany you during the ascent

into the alpine zone on Canada’s  longest and highest  guided aerial

tramway.The panoramic views unfold beneath you  as you ascend

the mountain to an elevation of 2277 metres(7471 ft). The Upper

Station and the Treeline Restaurant offer a safe and owe-inspiring

view that allow you to enjoy  for as long as you have time.

9.Calgary Tower  is a 626 feet  free standing observation tower

in Downtown Calgary.It was constructed in 1968. There is one

area with a glass  bottom floor which gives the panoramic views

over the city and is a must-see on any visitor’s  itinerary.It is also

a gateway to Calgary’s art,culture  and entertainment.

10. Columbia Icefield, located on the boundary of  Banff and Jasper

National Parks, covers nearly 325 square kilometres. The ongoing

accumulation of snow, continuously feeds 8 major glaciers including

Athabasca, Dome and Stutfield glaciers, which are all visible from the

Icefield Parkway. Melt water from the Icefield feeds streams and rivers

that pour into 3 different oceans-north to the Arctic, east to the Atlantic

and west to the Pacific.

11.Calgary Stampede is an annual ten-days event, which bills itself as the

greatest outdoor show on Earth. An American promoter,

named  Guy Weadick organised the event, known as  the

”Calgary Stampede” in Calgary in 1919 in honour of soldiers

returning from World War I. 



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