A Page From My Diary.

————————–Hari Om———————

1)Thought for the day:

Don’t hate. It will cloud your thinking,

narrow and degrade your soul.

2)Health corner:

Solar treatment cures leprosy. Vitamin D or sunlight

vitamin helps protect older women against brittle bones,

diabetes, certain cancers, heart disease and  rheumatoid

arthritis (joint disorder).Solar treatment was   a  well

developed science  in ancient times. The heavy silver ornaments,

worn by rural women who ate very little  nutritious food, got solar

energy and prolonged their lives.


A:”I did not see the P.M.(Prime Minister) in the morning.

B:You,stupid, how can you see him in  the morning?

He is P.M.(=evening); not A.M.(=morning).

4)Divine Corner:

”I am the Conscience in the hearts of  all creatures.

I am their beginning , their being, their end;

I am the mind of the senses; I am the radiant sun among lights;

I am the song in sacred lore; I am the king of deities;

I am the priest of great seers.”

This is how  Lord Krishna describes God in the Holy Gita;

and to most Hindus, he is the God himself, the Supreme Being

or the Purna Purushothama.

Spiritual masters are in great  demand for their  comfort

value. Not just that, they act as  shock  absorbers and healers.

5)Do you know?

1978 was the year which  saw 3 Popes.

Pope Paul v1, John Paul 1st (the first two died)

John Paul II.

The poem that I like:

Be gentle like a blade of  grass at the foot of  the mountain;

And  at home, be a jasmine flower that spreads fragrance;

Be strong like a rock when fate pours torrential rains

of difficulties, on you;

Be sweet like sugar and jaggery to the poor and weak;

Be one with all–Mankuthimma.

(Composer  of this Kannada song is D.V.G.)


O, pen, your mouth, I request to open;

And omit in your ink, my heart’s pain;

Always shedding tears, my eyes remain;

O, Lord, why so much miseries in life, explain.

Some people listen with patience;  some others speak softly;

Some people bite and hurt; Some people, whom we love,

care  not to listen us; Some people comment negatively

and hurt our sentiments; And this is the society which is

not worth to live for soft elements. But forget not, the

close friends only smear balm to our wounded hearts.

Frank expression of  joy  like clapping  of  the hands  and

dancing to the tune of pleasing songs etc. make others

think that one is mentally unsound. However, if  we 

express the same joy  before the Lord during worship

or festival times, people think that one is very devotional.

Vani hegde.


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