Do You Know?

1. Four of the mountain national parks–Banff, Jasper,Yoho

and Kootenay–have been recognized  by UNESCO as part of

the  Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site, for

the benefit  and enjoyment of all nations. The attributes that

warranted this designation were the vast wilderness, floral

and faunal diversity, the outstanding  natural beauty and

features such as Lake Louise, picturesque Maligne Lake,

the Columbia  Icefield and the Burgess Shale.

2.The oasis city of  Khotan(=city of Jades)  is located in

the Xinjiang Province of China. It was colonised  in the

time of Ashoka, the Mauryan emperor about 224BCE.

Precious stones and nephrite were  extracted from its

rivers and traded on the  Jade Route between

Mesopotamia and China since the 3rd millennium BC.

The Jade Route later became the Southern route of the Silk Road.

The Vijaya, an Aryan people, who spoke an early Indian  Prakrit

language, originally settled Khotan. It is documented in early

Prakrit documents  as Kustana(=The Breast of the Earth)

In 1878, the region was annexed by China and renamed as

Xinjang or New Territory.

3.Siam Niramit cultural show is a world-class  performance of

Thailand’s  arts and cultural heritage. It combines an authentic

Thai buffet with a stage show depicting Thailand’s historical and

spiritual heritage. Bangkok(known in Thai as ”City of Deity”) is the

capital of Thailand.



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