Important Events Of August.

After Julius Ceasar’s grandnephew Augustus Ceasar

defeated Marc Antony and Cleopatra and became

emperor of Rome, the Roman Senate decided that

Augustus too should have a month named after him.

The month Sextilis(meaning sixth in Latin) was chosen

for Augustus. Since Julius’s month had 31 days, Augustus’s

month also should equal it. But, under the Julian calendar,

the months alternated evenly between 30 and 31 days with

the exception of  February which  originally had 29 days.(30

in a leap year). The extra one day was taken from February

(thus reducing it to 28 days)and added to the month of August,

to make it 31 so that Julius’s month and Augustus’s month

have equal number of days.

Peridot is the birthstone of August.It’s birth flower is gladious

or poppy, meaning beauty, strength of character, love, marriage

and family.The Zodaic  signs in August are Leo and Virgo.

Some important events of August are:

First week of  August is the World Breast Feeding Week.

August is the National Psoriasis Awareness Month.

In U.S., National Back To School Month.

Panini month. In U.S. ,U.K. and Canada, the term ”Panini”

refers to a pressed and toasted sandwich.During the whole

month of August people enjoy sharing of Panini sandwiches

among friends and family.

Bon festival in Japan is a Buddhist traditional custom which

involves  family re-union, celebrated in the month of August.

Philippines celebrate the ”National Heroes Day” on 4th Monday

of August every year, in commemoration of the ”First Cry  of

the  Philippines revolution” against the Spain on August

23, 1896.

Other important events are:

1st:a)Birthday of  Meena Kumari,(1932)-Indian  movie  actress

and poetess; cited by the media and literary sources as the

”Tragedy Queen”  because of  her portrayal of  sorrowful and

dramatic roles in her films and her real life story.
b)Birthday of Kamala Kaul(1899), freedom fighter, mother of Indira
Gandhi and wife of Jawaharlal Neharu,the first Prime Minister
of India.

5th:Death anniversary of  Marilyn Monroe, (1962)- American

actress, model and singer.(Born-June 1st, 1926)

Birthday of  Neil Armstrong(1930), the American astronaut,

the first human to set  his foot on the moon.(Died on August 25th, 2012)

16th:Death anniversary of  Elvis Presley(1977), musician.

(Born-January,8, 1935.)

26th:Birthday of Mother Teresa,(1910)-an Albanian born,

Indian Roman Catholic nun, the ”Saint of  Gutters” and a Nobel

Prize winner for her global missionaries of charity.Although

cheery in public, she lived in a state of  deep spiritual pain

during her last days.(Death-September 5,  1997)

29th: Birthday of Michael Jackson(1958), U.S. Pop singer

and dancer.(Death-June25,2009)

30th:Birthday of Cameron Diaz(1972)-actress.

31st:Death anniversary of  Lady Diana, Princess of  Wales.(1997)
3rd: International Friendship day.
6th:Hiroshima Day.
9th:Quit India Day(1942); Nagasaki Day(1945)

11th:Son’s and Daughter’s Day.

13th-Organ donation day.

26th:A.K.Hangal, veteran Bollywood’s favourite   character

actor dies at 95.(2012).

29th: Birthday of Indian hockey legend, Dhyanchand is

celebrated as National Sports Day in India.

Tulasidasa jayanti is observed on Shravana shukla saptami

according to Hindu calendar.



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