Important Events Of July.

July was originally called ”Quintilis” meaning fifth in Latin;

The Roman Senate named the month  as July, to honour

the Roman emperor Julius Ceasar, who reformed the Roman

calendar which had degenerated into a chaotic embarrassment.

The Julian calendar went into effect on January, 1, 45B.C. from

the founding day  of  the city of Rome.


a)National Doctors day.(Birthday of Dr. Bidhan Chandra

Roy, a legendary physician- born on July 1st 1882)

b)State Bank of India Foundation Day.

c)International Joke Day.

Ist  July 1997– transfer of sovereignty over Hongkong to

Peoples Republic of China from Britain.


1)Birthday of Harbhajan Singh (1980), Indian cricket player.

2)—do—-of Adoor Gopalakrishnan (1941), a national award

winning Indian  film director of Malayala cinema.

3)Birthday of Tom Cruise (1962), Hollywood actor.

4)Death anniversary of saint Namadev (1350). He

was a prominent religious  poet of Maharashtra

and contemporary  of saint Dhyaneshwar.He was

one of the earliest  writers  who wrote in Marathi

language.Namdev died (1350), at the age of 80,

in Pandharapur, at the  feet of the Lord Pandharinath.

5)Death anniversary of  Priyamvada Birla (2004), wife

of Madhav Prasad Birla.

International Bikini Day.

6)The battle of Gettysburg ends(1863).

Birthday of 14th Dalai Lama(B:6 July 1935). Lamas are

important monks of Gelug school, the newest school of

Tibetan Buddhism.

Umbrella Cover Day.

World Zoonoses Day is to teach people about zoonotic

diseases and to take right action.

International Kissing Day.

7)Emancipation Day. The slaves were freed in 1848 in the

Danish west Indies(U.S.Virgin Island) by the Governor

General, Peter Von  Scholten.

Chocolate Day.

8)The Battle of  Gettysburg ends.(1863)

9)Birthday of Thomas Gibson(actor)

India accepted ”Royal Bengal Tiger” to be it’s national

animal as recommended by the Indian Wildlife Board

on July 9, 1969. Royal Bengal Tiger is the national animal

of  Bangladesh also.

Founded on 9 July 1875, B. S. E. is an Indian Stock Exchange

located at Dalal Street Mumbai.

10)Birthday of Michael Cole (actor- The Mod Squad)

The Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day.

11)Raj Kumar(Hindi actor) died.(1996)

12)Death of  English Musician, Brian Jones (1969),

a founder, member of  ”The Rolling Stones”.

13)Idaho became the 43rd U.S.State.(1890)

14)Quebec city, Canada was founded (1608) by

Samuel de Champlain.

15)The last pair of Great Auks(rare penguin like birds)

was killed, rendering the species extinct.(1844)

July4:U.S.Independence Day.

July6: World Zoonoses day.

First Saturday of  July is celebrated as International

Co-operatives Day.

July 11:World Population Day.

July12:Dara Singh, Indian wrestler-actor dies.(2012)

July 16:World Snake Day.

July 18:Rajesh Khanna, Bollywood actor died.(2012)

July 19:Lord Krishna was born(3228 B.C.)

Mangal Pandey(B:July 19,1827;D:April 8,1857)was an

Indian freedom fighter.

July 24:Amelia Earhart(B:July 24,1897-Disappeared

on July 2, 1937)was an American aviation pioneer

and author.She was the first female aviator to fly

solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Manoj Kumar(B:24 July, 1937) was an Indian actor

in Bollywood film industry.

July 25: Pranab Mukherjee, sworn in as 13th President of India.

Leucoderma Day.

July26(1999): Kargil Memorial day.India successfully
took command of the high outposts which had been lost
to Pakistan intruders.Kargil war was fought for more
than 60 days and ended on 26th July.

July28:World Nature Conservation Day.
July, 2012 marks the Centennial celebration of the Calgary Stampede,
the greatest outdoor show on Earth.It is an annual rodeo exhibition
and festival, held every July in Calgary.The Calgary Stampede, we
enjoy today, was born from the vision of Guy Weadick, a cowboy trick
roper.(part of the famous 101 Ranch Troupe) The first Calgary Stampede
was held on September 2 to 7, 1912, following the Summer Calgary Exhibition.

Guru Purnima or Vysa Purnima is the birthday of sage Veda Vyasa, who

wrote Mahabharatha .He is considered to be one of the 7 Chiranjivins(immortals).


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