A page from my diary.

————————————Hari Oum————————————-

Quote of the day:

In fact, it is healthy for everyone to laugh. But a laughter, at the cost of

someone’s tears is surely  unwelcome.

Do you know?

1. Salt water is a great conductor of electricity.

2. The Canadian national flag is known as maple leaf flag.

3.Koala, the sleepiest animal in the world,(sleeps 22 hours a day)

eats leaves of eucalyptus trees.

4.The scale used for rating tornado intensity is known as The Fujita Scale.

5. Scientists at CERN, in Switzerland, have discovered Higgsboson, the

God particle, that gives mass to the universe.

Some quotes from the Hindi movie-”3 idiots”:

”Hearts scare easily. Tell it ,”All is well.”

When life gets  out of control, just roll your lips and say,”All is well.”

Thought for the day:–

Every man is dishonest who lives upon the labour of others,

no matter,  if he occupies a throne.

Importance of the day:-

Today is the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan,

the first President of  India. He was a great philosopher

and a teacher.India celebrates his birthday as Teachers day.

I can’t understand.(Poem)

Lord, why You created innocent and beautiful animals like deer,

rabbit etc., only as fodder to be eaten by  wild animals like tiger

and lion?  Why You created human beings and handed them over

to  Destiny, with authority  to assign  them  roles strange and queer

in the drama of  life, tragic or comic, and make them dance like mere

dolls according to his fancy? I can’t understand. But, this is not fair,

really, My Lord. We want to be dominated only by  You ,whom we fear

and believe. Oh, Lord, please  listen to our prayer and do us the favour.

-Vani Hegde.


From San Francisco Airport, we boarded  Air Canada flight  at 7 A.M. and

reached Vancouver at 9.15 A.M. Again at  11.15 A.M. we boarded another

Air Canada flight  and reached  Calgary, the cultural capital of Canada,

at 12.30 P.M. and  I adjusted my time  at wrist watch to 1.30 P.M.,

according to the local time at the place of destination. My son has come to

Calgary International Airport to receive us and took us to his

apartment in London House, located at 4th Avenue, S.W.,

Downtown Calgary. He had brought us delicious roti and

cuisines from the nearby Indian restaurent, named

Glory of India.  In the everning, we go for a stroll along

the pathway of Sien Lok Park, Chinatown. It is a

Chinese cultural park, having  the pleasantly shaded

pathway  and located along the shores of  South Bow River

in downtown, Calgary. We saw the dabbling ducks

and white-breasted Nuthatch  on the pathway of the river.

Chinatown is located  between the Bow river and 4th Avenue,

S.W. in Calgary.The name Sien Lok comes from a Chinese

proverb ”Wai  Sien  Gee Lok” which means happiness is  found

in being charitable.  South of the two lions guarding the park,

stands the sculpture, ”In  Search of Gold Mountain”, made from the

granite brought from Hopei Province in China. The area where we live

is a business oriented zone and there is always  lively pedestrian traffic.

Calgary is the largest city in the Alberta province of Canada.

Calgary Transit’s CTrain travels along 7 Avenue, the downtown portion,

which is known as the free fare zone. It is free to ride either CTrain route

between 3 Street East and 11 Street  West along 7 Avenue.

Vani Hegde.


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