The poems that I like.

If  one  has come into this world, one must live.

If  life is like  poison, one has to drink it.

In tough times, you fall; however you must get up and keep going;

Even though one is burning, one must keep walking on the fire;

The one who gave us sufferings will one day take it away.

The woman who observes propriety, is an exemplary woman.

In this world, a woman keeps her integrity in adverse circumstances.

The woman who lives with integrity until her death, is looked upon

as being pure. Oh, my heart, don’t be afraid of miseries; God is with you.

If a person is hard working, anything is possible.

As one sows here, so he reaps.

-This song is from Hindi movie: ”Mother India”

Singer-Lata Mangeshkar.

Taking  bath daily will  not  make one pure enough so

that he can enter the abode of  heaven; why are the frogs

that remain under the water day and night, cannot enter

the heaven?

-Sarvajna ( Kannada poet and devotee of Shiva))

The elephants, that  enjoy playing in water, are not afraid of

fishes  in water; so also one who is  self-realised and noble

will not care for the  abusing words of  mean persons.

— Sarvajna.

Keep nor worrying that it would have been better if the

existing life were a different one; Prefer to be contended

with  the life that the Lord has chosen for you.


One who gives without any request, is really a good person.

One who gives after the request, is an average human being.

One who don’t give after making promise is a mean person.



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