Do you know?

1. Yakshagana is a traditional theatre which is the brain child of

a Vaishnavite saint Madhwacharya(13th century). It was later

popularised by Sri Narahari Thirtha Swamiji. The art form consists of

Himmela (Bhagawata or narrator and background music group which play

harmonium and chande or loud drum) and a Mummela (dance and dialogue

group.) The actors wear gorgeous costumes and enact various roles.

Yakshagana means the song (gana) of  Yaksha; (a term for an exotic

tribe of ancient India.) Yakshagana is the recent (since 200 years)

scholastic name for what is known as Bayalata, Dasavatara, Ata, Kelike.

Traditionally, Yakshagana would go on all night. Two major forms of

Yakshagana that are prevalent are–Tenku(=South)  tittu and Badagu (=North)

tittu. Main attractions of this art form are the gorgeous masks and costumes

and moving scripts taken from the epics of India.   

2.In Thailand, years are based on the Buddhist era (B.E.), which started 543

years earlier than the Christian era.Thus the year 2010AD is recognised as


3.Four yugas are:

Kruta yuga——-7,28,000 years.

Treta yuga——12,96,000 years.

dwapara yuga — 8,64,000 years.

Kaliyuga———-4,32,000 years.

1 Divine year=4 yugas.

1 Manvantara=71 yugas.(=306,720,000Earth Years)

Each Manvantara is ruled by a  a specific Manu; there is

a different Indra, a different Agni(=fire god), a different

set of  Sapta rishis(seven sages)  and all deities including Vishnu.

14 manvantaras  constitute a cycle (Kalpa)

4.Melatonin in cherries   help regulate sleep patterns;

melatonin is an important antioxidant, that helps maintain

optimum brain function and may deter  the onset of  age-related

chronic diseases like  Alzheimer’s. Cherries contain significant

amounts of melatonin-a harmone produced in the brain’s pineal

gland which fights insomnia; treats cancer and  depression and  

helps in slowing the aging process. The anthocyanins  found in

cherries protect  neural cells;  promote  brain health; protect

cells from damage during an interaction with oxygen.

They give the cherries their deep red color.



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