Do You Know?

1.Einstein means (in English) someone who has exceptional

intellectual ability and originality.  Dr. Einstein, the accepted father

of  modern science, is the founder of   Theory of Relativity.When a

young Indian researcher named Dr. B.M.Gupta met  Dr.Einstein in

1948-49, the  German-born-American theoretical physicist hailed

him in Sanskrit, instead of English. The Indian scientist pleaded his

inability to reply in Sanskrit. Dr.Einstein said,”You hail from India

which is the original home of  Hindu philosophy.Yet you have not

cared to learn that language. See my library which treasures classics

from Sanskrit namely  ‘The Geeta’  and  other treatises on Hindu philosophy.

I have made  ‘The Geetha’ as the main source of  my inspiration and guidance

for the purpose of scientific investigations and formulation of my theories.”

Einstein said that dead things like rocks, metal, plastic etc., depend on each

other to exist; and that there must be some intelligent being(i.e,Almighty)

that put them together.

2.During childhood days,Thomas Alva Edison had some congenital

hearing loss which became worst after a bout of scarlet fever.

 His inability to hear the teacher in the noisy classroom, made him

to ask constant questions which annoyed the impatient teacher,  who  

 told  his mother  that he was incapable of  learning. Edison’s mother

did not accept  the teacher’s evaluation of  her son and chose to remove

him from the  public school. Being a former school teacher,  she 

started teaching him at home. She encouraged  him to do his best

in all things.She had a positive  influence on his life. He believed

that she was the only one, truly cared for him. Edison invented

1093 things; many of  these were successful but also he had failures.

He invented light bulbs in 1879. His first invention was the carbon

microphone in 1877. It was used in telephone and radio broadcasting.



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