Express your love.

This  life is short and not reliable. make it sweet. Rob the

pleasure of love and enjoy life until you are alive.Life appears

cheerful if we are lost in the love of someone who loves us.

Seek not to hide your love towards the someone who belongs

to you. Hiding of  love  or negligence creates distrust, disgust

and disregard in the heart of the one who belongs to you.

Expression of love should be like the blooming of flowers

from the bosom of  earth.Fragrance of the flower seems to

spread message of  love. Expression of  love creates respect

for relationship  in the heart of one  who belongs to us.

Some people never express their love towards those who

belong to them but adore with garlands, the framed

photoes of  the expired ones who belonged to them

when they were alive. Love hidden is like the treasure,

hidden  deep under the sea. No one can find it easily.See

how beautiful is the expression of love in the song produced

below.  “Often I think  you have been made only for me; before

this, you were hiding among the stars somewhere and you have

been called down to earth only for me.”(Film:Kabhi  Kabhi)

Expression of  love has a marvelous touch in dealing with

people who belong to us.

Vani Hegde.


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