A page from my diary.

———————————————Hari Oum————————————-

Love song that I like:

I would not have the desire to live anymore,

if you were not here;

If I never got your support, I would have

stayed in whirlpool and would not have

found the shore; and even on shore,

the waves would have sunk me, if you were not here.

When I saw you,it appeared to me like the season of

flowers has come; how can I  tell  what you are to me?

You are the solace and shelter of my life.

Hindi movie:”Agar(if)  tum(you)  na(not)  hote”

(=If  you were not here)

Actor:Rajesh Khanna;singer:Kishore Kumar.

Health corner:

Hippocrates, considered as the father of modern medicine,

said,”Let your food be your medicine.”

Honey has hypnotic action in bringing sound sleep, if taken

 in dosage of 2 table spoons in a big cupful of water, before

going to bed. Since honey consists of  Levulose/fructose,

it is not harmful in diabetes.

Do you know?

Limes are often mistaken with lemons; although limes

and lemons are both citrus fruits and similar in terms

of nutrition, still they have certain differences as well;

 lemons are yellow in color whereas limes are green.

Lemons are smaller, less sour and more aromatic

than limes. The Latin name for lemon is Citrus limon.

Limes have more astringent qualities but lemons have

more anti-inflammatory properties.

Also do not confuse lime (citrus fruit) with lime(calcium

carbonate) .

Calcium carbonate is different from calcium hydroxide.


There is no formula for what should be written  in diary.

Diary of every one is different.In each page, there is

procession of  memories. Diary is a collection of quotes

and poems that we like; it is a collection of sweet and

bitter experiences in life; it is a guide of our future plans

in life; there, love blooms as poem;   pains and insults also

are recorded briefly or in detail. When we turn over the

pages of diary, we shall come to know about our wrong

decisions in life  or the bold steps we had taken while facing

any problems in life. We learn the lessons of life.

(Translation of  an article in Kannada-writer:A. Krishna Bhat.)

History of Larkspur.:The land where downtown Larkspur now

stands was the “King Ranch” before. Charles W. Wright,

bought the property  in 1887.  His wife , a native of  England

mistook  Native Lupin for Larkspur and so the  town was

named accordingly. The town was incorporated on March 1, 

1908. Trees,marshes, creeks, hillsides are components of 

Larkspur’s community character and identity.Larkspur is

inhabited by “urban sophisticates”(=people who are both

educated and wealthy). Also it is a city of artists, designers

and media people.

Diary:Often we go to sea shore, since I like beaches

very much. One day, I wrote the name of  Shri Rama

in Kannada on the sand near the shore. Someone had

told me that waves come near the name of  Rama if

written on sand near the sea shore. But, the waves did

not approach near the name of Rama.Then, my son

asked,”Mom, why the waves did not come near the name?”

Then my husband commented humorously,”The waves

of  seashore  in America, cannot read Kannada.They

understand only those words that are written in English”

Vani Hegde.

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