A page from my diary.

——————————————-Hari  Oum—————————-

Some lines from the songs of the films in which the popular actor

Rajesh Khanna played as hero. Bollywood mourned the death of

Rajesh Khanna, who expired on 18th July , after prolonged illness.

1)”What kind of  journey of  life is this?

No one understands it and no one knows it;

On which path  we all are moving, no one  knows.

I loved my life  most; and equally respect  the death also;

We find in this world, such kind of  life , which was not enjoyed;

Death came before one could enjoy life;

We find such kind of  buds which did not bloom into flowers;

The storm plucked  the buds before they bloom;”


2)”This life is a puzzle; sometimes it makes us to laugh;

And sometimes it makes us to weep.”


3)”We came weeping into this world;

We have to leave this world with a smile”

4)”Sometimes, when I was sitting idle,

Without any reason,my breaths become heavy

And my eyes well up; Then I feel like someone

touches me softly with love,like a moving  breeze;

But I cannot see who is that.”

5)”Somewhere far away when the day retires,

The dusk sneaks up, shyly like a  bride;

In the courtyard of my thoughts,

Someone lights up lamps of  dreams.”


Do you know?

1)Cowdung is an efficacious disinfectant and often

used as fuel in lieu of  firewood. Cowdung is also

antiseptic. Not only is it free from bacteria, it also

kills it. It is also used as  fertilizer and to prepare

Vibhuti or holy ash. Smoke from dung fire keeps

flies away and acts as a mosquito repellent. Packed

on the outside walls  of a house, cowdung acts as an

insulator, keeping heat  out in summer and holding

it inside, in winter.

2)Originally, the  Europeans  who discovered  the

America, thought that they had found a passage to

India; so they called the native Americans as Indians.

3)The “Horse Lattitudes” refer to the Sub-Tropical high

pressure belt.  

4)Postal Dept–Reason for return:

Addressee  shifted, Refused to accept;

No such person, Incomplete address;

Wrong address, Door locked.

Diary:The residential area where we live is peaceful.

Children play in the lawn behind our apartment. 

Different models of cars are parked  in sheds located in 

front of our flat. Each family owns 1 or 2 dogs which differ

in variety.Today we visited San Francisco, which is one of

the populous cities in the State of California. It is a home to

many immigrants from Asia  and Latin America. We can see

Japan town, China town and a little Saigon. Hispanics and

African Americans also are found here.  

Vani Hegde.


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