A page from my diary.

———————————Hari Oum———————————

Quote of the day.

Vice, in its true light is so deformed that it shocks us at first sight

and would hardly ever seduce us, if it did not at first sight

wear the mask of some  virtue.

Spiritual corner.

“Where is the heaven?”-the Angels were once asked.

“Every heart, where the love dwells is Heaven itself”

replied the Angels.”Where is the Hell?”-they were again

questioned.”The heart where there is no love is Hell itself.”

-answered the  Angels.(From the film-“Jodha Akbar.)

Mind bender:

MT=empty. B10=beaten. XL=excell.

Health corner:

Aspirin(drug) reduces the dilation of  lymphatic vessels,

key to the transmission of  tumours, throughout the body,

thus beating the cancer spread.

The song (from Kannada film “Bangarada Manushya”) which I like:

If you sit with hands tied up, saying ,”I cannot do that job”,

you cannot make any progress in life.

If you have a Will, then there is a way.

What is necessary is courage.

If the sculptor would have folded his hands, saying

that it was impossible to carve the idols from the hard

black rocks, we could not have seen the beautiful

carvings at Belur and Halebeedu and  Karnataka

could not have become famous as the homeland of

arts and sculptures. So also the genious engineer,

Shri M.Vishveswarayya, would not have built

Kannambadi dam  over the river Kaveri and let

the water flow into the fields, Karnataka could

not have become the land growing golden crops.



We had been to Muir Beach and frolicked around the

amazing black sand Marin county beach which is near

Stinson Beach.Redwood Creek flows into the Pacific Ocean

at Muir Beach. We had also been to Mount Tamalpais, often

considered as symbolic of Marin county.From the 2572 foot

peak,we enjoyed the spectacular view of white clouds moving

above the blue ocean below.It is really an unforgettable moment

in my life.

Vani Hegde.


4 thoughts on “A page from my diary.

    • Thank you dear.which new places you visited in India recently?
      Doddappa is recovering slowly.Convey my blessings to Gourav
      and my regards to your parents.

  1. aunty not visited any new place……if our office cab driver takes any new route then i see few new roads..just joking :)..thanks a lot for your blessing for both of us..we cherish your blessings..my mom”s sister has gone for europe trip so( bharatidoddamma) is also visiting

    lots of countries in europe ,currenty she is in Austria

    • Dear, save your leaves.Next year let us both the families together visit
      U.S.A. and Canada or entire europe as your Doddamma is visiting now.
      I Pray God to fulfill our wishes.Let God bless all of you.

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