A page from my diary.

—————————————–Hari Oum——————————

Quote of the day.

The rule of wealth is to decrease while in disuse and increase while

in use.Wealth increases by proper investment.

Health Corner.

Venomous sting of bees can cure bronchial asthama. Bee’s venom

contains various anti-inflammation  elements and acts to build up

the sufferer’s own immune system.

Spiritual  Corner.

We are all like the lion cub which grew up amidst the sheep

and which has forgotten it’s real nature. Every one of us is a

spark from the devine fire. But we do not realize this truth.

It is only when a great soul tells us and proves to us our real

nature, that we give up our weaknesses and become divine.

We must grow everyday more and more into our real nature.

Do you know?

Konarka(Kona=angle and Arka=Sun–in Sanskrit Language)

temple in Odisha/Orissa  is one of the seven wonders of  India.

King Langula Narasimha dev(1238-1250CE)  of  the Eastern

Ganga Dynasty built it. It is a world heritage site.

Legend has it that Samba,the son of Lord Krishna was afflicted

by leprosy, brought about by his father’s curse on him. After

12 years of penance, he was cured by Surya, the Sun God, in

whose honour, he built the magnificent Konarka Sun Temple.



After one day’s stay in Dubai, we boarded the flight to San

Francisco at 8.30 AM on 25th June, Tuesday and after 15

hours journey, we reached the destination at 1.30PM  on

Tuesday, 25th June.(When it was Tuesday morning in Dubai

it was Monday night in USA.) I saw the  Hindi movie “Aarakshan”

(in the TV attached to the seat in plane), describing the shortcomings

of the Reservation Policy of  the government. I am staying

in Larkspur with my younger son. On 30th June, at 11.30 AM  we

 went in ferry boat  named Sonoma from Larkspur Ferry Terminal

to San Francisco Bay Area.The vessel can accommodate 400 guests.

It was a 50 minutes journey. The senior citizens are charged 8$

(both to and fro) and others 16$. On reaching the Bay,we saw the

bronze statue of Gandhiji, presented to the city on October 3, 1988,

 by Gandhi Memorial International Foundation. The quotes written

below the statue are impressive–1)”Non-violence is the greatest force

at the disposal of  mankind. It is the supreme law. By it alone can mankind

be saved.”-Gandhiji. 2)”Generations to come, it may be, will scarce believe

that such a one as this ever in flesh & blood walked upon this earth.”-Albert


Vani Hegde.




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