Different issues and views.

1)In Hampi. Shiva is called Virupaksha(one with deformed vision).

There is a song in Kannada,”If Lord Virupaksha is our Father,

Vishalakshi(one with broad vision) is our Mother.” Lord Virupaksha’s

wife Parvathi is called Vishalakshi.  Lord Virupaksha or Shiva  may

err  in taking proper decision because of His deformed sight but if

we pray with devotion to Mother Vishalakshi, She may set right the

things with her clear and broad vision.

2)There is a quote that if God decides to punish anybody, He makes

him/her  go mad. But according to me, all those who are mad are not

evil people or sinners to incur the wrath of God. Adverse environment

or circumstances in life or emotional torture of severe kind incurred by

the loved ones may shake the mental stability or  break one’s heart and

make him/her mentally  sick. God is kind and He does not punish or

interfere in the affairs of  humanbeings.

3)”First learn to win the hearts at home then from public.”

(Kannada proverb).

Very few of the icons respected by the world followed this ideal.In their

enthusiasm to serve the public , they did not care to wipe out the tears of

their loved ones.I appreciate Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who practiced

spiritualism along with his wife Sharada Devi. I also respect Paigambar

who did not abandon  his family while practicing spiritualism. Jesus,

Son of Lord and Swami Vivekananda were unmarried and hence they

did not cause pains to anyone whom they thought barriers in their path of

following spiritualism. I adore them.  But my favourite epic hero is Lord

Shri Krishna.

Vani Hegde.


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