A Page From My Diary.

————————————–Hari Oum——————————-

Quote of the day.

Man is more sensitive to the contempt that others

feel towards him than to the contempt that he feels

towards himself.–Friedrich Nietzche.

Health Corner.

Exercise in early 20’s augments bone development and

trims down the risk of  fractures in later life.–Anew study


Do you know?

Over 138 million people work outside their country

of  birth in the world.



On 25th June, Monday morning, we boarded Emirates flight

EK225 at  8.15 AM, from Bangalore  International Airport

 and flew to Dubai.It was a 4 hours journey and we reached

Dubai at 12.30 PM. I adjusted the time in my wristwatch to

1.30 PM as per the time of the place of destination.

We  stayed at Millennium Airport  Hotel, Dubai  in room no.4035

at the 4th floor.We had the  lunch and meals at night which were

complimentary. At  5PM in the evening we enjoyed the Dubai

city tour in tourist bus of  Sun Tour.The multilingual driver

explained that Dubai is one of the 7 Emirates of  United Arab

Emirates and  is governed by the hereditary emir; 80 percent

of the population is comprised of  expatriate and Emirati nationals

account for only 20percent. There are no taxes of any sort; so there

is no tax filing  or tax-audit; Government earns money from businesses

where the expatriates  pay the fixed amount for registration. Dubai has

an impressive infrastructure which is a real pleasure for the eyes.

‘Burj Khalifa’, in Dubai is the tallest structure (829.84metre) in the world.

The driver led us to the musical fountain in front of the hotel and we

enjoyed the dance of the fountain water according to the play of the music.

We visited the sandy beaches of  Jumeirah, the Gold Souk, with it’s

dazzling array of shops selling jewelry the Spice Souk with shops

that piled high the spices from around the world. The cost of city

tour of 4 hours from 5PM to 9PM was 30$ per head. It  is  my first

visit to Dubai and the  rich and satisfying experience will be

remembered for the years to come.

By Vani Hegde.



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