A Page From My Diary.

—————————–Hari Oum.———————

Quote of the day:

We can make one lakh match sticks from a tree. But

one match stick can burn to ashes, one lakh trees.

Likewise, one negative thought can ruin our one lakh



Teacher: When Rome was built?

Student:At night, Sir.

Teacher:Who told you that?

Student:You did, Sir. You once said that Rome was

not built in a day.

Do you know?

*Like fingerprints, everyone’s  tongue print  is different.

 *An Indian boy named Sudarshan Reddy, in his research

paper  submitted to  the  Institute  of  Advanced Physics  

at Trieste (Italy),  has proved the  existence of a class of

sub-atomic particles called “leptons” which can travel 

faster than light.

Health Corner:

Take a brief  mid-afternoon stroll to stretch your legs

but  always avoid wrong postures. If you walk leaning

backward, you will shift  the weight of your upper body

onto your lower back. So, stand tall as you stride,

centring your weight over the balls of your feet.

For maximum  walking efficiency, keep your feet

a little apart and chin parallel to the ground.

Spiritual Corner:

Lord  Shiva gave us all the things necessary to lead a

comfortable life  but  refused to give us those things

which we are not eligible to get. The  mischievous Lord

kept the truth in darkness and tied the eyes of  Goddess

of Justice with black clothes and escaped into His abode

at Kailasa,  asking   the people to  struggle hard  for finding

truth and getting  justice.Lord placed the ethereal aamla

fruit  at a great height in a strong tree  and  gave to the slender

creeper  on the Earth, the heavy pumpkin.

(Translation of kannada film song)

 Source:All collections.


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