What the mirror reflects?

Along with the development  of  beauty consciousness 

in humanbeings,  the mirror also was devised. The mirror

never lies. It reflects the true image of a person who stands

before it. And because of  this nature of mirror, it has become

the victim of  hatred by the displeased viewer who breaks it

into pieces. One  may break the mirror into hundred pieces

but it never gives up its disposition of reflection.Every piece

reflects the full image of the person who casts a glance at it. 

However, we should not think that the mirror reflects the truth. Whatever it

reflects is only reverse image of the viewer. The treasure we see

in the mirror is only illusion. We cannot reach for it. Whatever the

mirror reflects is only the image of a person;  not the inner thoughts

of a person.It reflects the lines on his/her forehead; not the writings

written by the destiny on his/her forehead. It reflects only the tears

flowing on the cheeks; it can’t reflect the pain that caused the tears.

Literature  is said to be the mirror of society. It means that the writer

is the mirror who reflects the image of existing flaws in society.

The mirror may be big, but  if  there are many scratches or lines in it 

we cannot see the clear image . So also, the writer cannot reflect

the true image of the society, if  he is a conventionist. The mirror

may be small but it should be clean without any scratches.The society

 wants such literature which  reflects the honest image 

like a clean mirror  instead of a mirror with scratches  that reflects the 

image with flaws.

Source:Translation of some fascinating lines from an article 

in Kannada, named”Thousand  images shown by an illusion

called mirror” by Ms.Deepaa Hiregutti,reader and writer.


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