Object Of Prayer.

A knife is sharpened by rubbing against flint;

the knife thinks  that  the flint is giving something

to make it sharper. Actually, the knife loses some

metal from the edge to make it sharper. Same is

the case with prayer. In prayer you make yourself

sharper  by rubbing against God.

What if the knife is made of special steel or

self-sharpening  steel? It  does not require

sharpening at all.

Remember that there are people in the world

who do not pray at all and still are none the worse

for it.

All the same, prayer is highly desirable  to ensure

an orderly society. It is the best  insurance available

to protect your children against gun culture, crime,

drugs, smoking, AIDS and alcohol.

Even an atheist  can become a better atheist by prayer.

After all, you require some flint to rub your knife to make

it sharper and among all the flints available, what is better

than God? After all, the real object of  prayer is to upgrade


Source:An excerpt from the article”9 maxims of life” by B.K.



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