1)The more you squeeze lemon, more bitter is the


2)Don’t  believe in your doubts and don’t doubt your


3)Don’t  force a camel  to live in a forest.

4)There is no land without stones and no meat

without bones.

5)Experience is the comb  that your life gives

when you are bald.

6)Mountains of doubt can be blown away by

winds of confidence.

7)When you are dining with the devils, you

need  to have longer spoons.

8)Reputation is what people think you are…

Personality is what  you seem to be….

Character is what you really are….

9)Do not undermine your worth by comparing

yourself with others. It is because we are different

that each of us is special.

10)The  grand essentials  of  happiness are: something

to do, something to love & something to hope for.



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