Names are the same, but places differ.

1)a)Jayanagar, Lumbini is a place in Nepal.

b)Jayanagar is a city in Bihar State.

c)Jayanagar is in Kanakapura road, Bangalore.

2)a)Shri Gopalkrishna temple, built out of white stones

is in Shakti Nagar, a classique village in the outskirts

of  Mangalore city, Karnataka State.

b)Shaktinagar is a small village in Bhavanagar, Gujarat


c)Shaktinagar is in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

3)Udayapur/Udaipur, a royal city of Rajasthan, also

known as “The City of Lakes” stands on the  banks of

the lake Pichola, its many marble palaces reflecting

in the lake’s calm waters. Rana Udai Singh was the

founder  of  Udaipur. It was the historic capital of

the kingdom of  Mewar in the former Rajasthan.

Haldighati  in Udaipur is an important historical site.

Haldighati  means turmeric colored vale. It is named

so because of  its soft yellow s0il, which resembles 

turmeric powder when crumbled.

b)Udyavar, near Udupi was formerly called Udayapura.

c)Near Channaraya Patna,Hassan Dist. there is a place

called Udayapura.



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