Castes And Surnames.

The English word ”caste” derives from

the Latin word ”castus” signifying chaste,

clean or pure and it’s Spanish and Portugese

derivative ”casta” means lineage, breed or race.

The word caste also means class, degree, grade, level,

position,rank,status and sratus.

Alva is a surname shared by Bunts and
Catholic community.Eg:Mrs. Margaret Alva,
politician,is a Mangalorean and Catholic
Gambhir is a surname used by Bunts.But
Gautam Gambhir, the Indian cricketeer
belongs to Khatri, a caste from North
Indian subcontinent.
Surnames of the Jain Bunts are the same
as the rest of Bunts.
Surname Hegde is used by Bunts in South
Canara and Havyak Brahmins in Northern
Karnataka.Kote kshatriyas also use the
Rao is the surname used by both Brahmins
and Kote Kshatriyas.
In Kashmir, Hindus and Muslims have been
sharing the same surnames since ages.
For eg:surnames such as Bhat and Pandith are
shared by both Hindus and Muslims.
Surname ‘Nayak’ is shared by Kote/Rama Kshatriyas
and Konkani or Gaud Saraswat Brahmins.
Naik is the surname used by Bunts.
Shetty is the surname of Bunt Community.
However,surnames ending wih shetty and
Shervegar are the surnames used by Bunts and
Kote/Ram Kshatriyas.
Bhandari is the surname used by both Bunt and
Barber communities.
By Vani Hegde.


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  1. here it is told that communities share common surname but it is not told why it share common surname or the reason behind having the common surname is not told so can u please focus on the reason too..

    • Thank you Madam, for visiting the site. I think, when people convert themselves into different religions, they retain their original surnames; for eg.,surname Alva is common in bunts and Christian communities.Bhatt is the common surname among Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims.

      • Thank you ma’am for the reply.And i feel this reasons can also be one reason for the common surname. MY pleasure that i visited this blog.

      • Dear Yamini, Deshastha Brahmins are subdivided into Rigvedi and Yajurvedi subjects.
        The surname Uplapwar belong to Yajurvedic Brahmins of Vedaantam families.
        They migrated from Kunchavaram Agraharam near Tenali. The Agraharam was gifted by Raja
        Venkatadri Naidu to Vedantam families.

      • Dear Omi,Bankapura is a panchayat town in Haveri district in the State of Karnataka.
        Majority of community members of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins and Rama Kshatriyas add
        names of their ancestral places or villages to their names in place of surname. Also
        people who don’t have surnames are recognized by their caste,community, village names,
        family names and ancestors names.

      • Ma’am how are Varma’s?? Which category they belong to in Andra pradesh and Karnataka??
        Will they belong to Raju’s in Andra ?? If so which caste in Karnataka

      • Dear Anusha, Verma surname is used by Kshatriya caste.However
        lots of people nowadays use Verma as their surnames by their own
        and are even holding various reservation certificates.
        In Karnataka,Bunts hold the surnames of Verma, the title of Kadambas.

    • Which category Varam’s belongs to in Andra pradesh??if they belongs to Raju’s,what is their status in Andra as well as Karnataka
      Are they obc or bc??
      3A or 2A
      Are they bunts in Karnataka if varmas are Raju’s

  2. Thank you ma’am for the reply.And i feel this reasons can also be one reason for the common surname. MY pleasure that i visited this blog.

  3. Actually there are lot of difference in surname Hegde, Hegade, Heggade
    Because of poor knowledge of this, British they have cultivated wrong thing

    Hegde – Has been used by Bunts ( e.g Mr. Santosh Hegde )
    Hegade – Has been used by Havyak Brahmins ( e.g Mr.Ramakrishna Hegade )
    Heggade- Has been used by Jains ( e.g Dr.Veerandra Heggade )

    and also I heard that Alva is one place

    Surname ‘Nayak’ is shared by GSB
    Surname ‘Naiak’ is shared by Rama Kshatriyas

    surnames such as Bhat and Pandith are
    shared by both Hindus and Muslims.

    Bhat and Pandith’s surname purely for hindus
    But by force they have been converted to Muslims, but they have remained as it is

    • also bhandary surname bunts bhandary as per few home which i did research ‘they were big land lord and tressurer of village during local ruling dynasty, and saloon bhandary also keep all saloon and meterial and other instruments war instrument cleaning and maintaince job under kings and gutthu ,chiftians.

  4. hi mam loved your presentation regarding the caste and community…can u also help me with details of two other last name one is JAJORIYA which comes from Marwari Rajasthan and HOTE which comes from JAIN MARATHI

    • The Raigar is a community of leather tanners. They are also
      known as Jatia. There are 450 clans/sub castes such as Jajoriya,
      Hingonia, Morya etc.They use the Devnagari and Gujarathi scripts
      for writing.They migrated from Rajasthan.They converse among
      themselves in Marwari.The history of the Hote Surname is
      maintained by AncientFaces community.No information is available
      on Hote meaning and etymology.

  5. resp mam ,my surname is godage ,96 clan maratha ,from western maharashtra ,belonging to main class of kadam lineage,after goggling a lot i found that kadam are from kandhar region now in afganishtan
    also there are so many godage in srilanka .i want to know why there is a huge proportion of godage in srilanka?

    • Thank you Sir, for additional informations about kadam lineage.They might have migrated to Sri Lanka.No information is available regarding godage community in Sri Lanka except names of some entrepreneurs engaging in publishing business.

    • Rao surname is not restricted to a single caste.
      In Gujarat and Karnataka,Rao is Brahmin.In
      Pakistan and Indonesia Rao is normally surname
      of a Muslim.Rao surname was used by Bhim Rao
      Ambedkar who (along with others) composed our
      nation’s Constitution,belonged to OBC.Thanks
      for visiting the site.

      • hello vinayak rao ,rao surname is found in other countries as well like china ,taiwan,brazil .check wiki.

      • Dear Abhijeet pawar,B.R.Ambedkar was born into a poor low Mahar(dalit) caste
        who were treated as untouchables and subjected into socio-economic
        discrimination.He saw Buddhism as a means to end the caste system
        in India.He converted into Buddhism along with some 365,000 of his
        followers in Nagpur after a traditional ceremony.

      • Dr. B R Ambedkar did not use ‘Rao’ as his surname. His surname was Ambedkar and his name was Bhimrao where ‘rao’ is added as a mark of respect..esp in Maharshtra.

    • Thank you Amala for visiting the site.Surname Rao is used by
      madhva Brahmins, G.S.B.Brahmins and kshatriya communities in
      Karnataka State.For additional informations, please refer to

      • Rao is used by Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins and not by Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, Amrita Rao, Bollywood actress, Gulwadi Venkata Rao, first Kannada novelist are all Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins. Chinese too use Rao surnames.

      • Dear Shantala, you are right; but in Gujarat, rao is Brahmin
        and in Indonesia, rao is normally muslim.In Maharashtra and
        Karnataka, Rao is surname of Brahmins . Rao is surname of
        Rajputs from U.P.,Rajasthan and Haryana.Rao is widely used
        surname in Ramakshatriya community.

    • Gautam surname belongs to Brahmins.Gautam Gambhir
      belongs to Brahmin caste.Surname Gautam belongs to
      higher caste and royal families of Brahmins in Nangal
      and Nawanshahr area of Punjab.Thank you Dinesh for
      visiting the site.

      • Hello ma’am
        People with Gautam surnames and Bhamoria gotra belongs to which category?
        Please reply ma’am
        Thank you

      • Dear Ashika, people with Gautam surname and Bhamoria gotra belong to Khati/Jangra Brahmin samaj
        located within the Vishwakarma caste of North India.

      • Dear Ashika,Khati/Jangra brahmin communities are similar to other brahmin communities
        found all over north India.For further details, please refer”Jangra community: Jangra
        Brahmin Samaj(Khati)

      • Thank you so much ma’am
        I just wanted to know that people with gautam surnames are Brahmins or not.
        Thank you ma’am for clearing my doubt it means a lot.

    • Dear Lakshmish,Bunt is a community of erstwhile nobility,
      feudatory and gentry from the region of Tulunadu in the
      south west of India which comprises the districts of Udupi
      and Dakshina Kannada in Karnataka State and Kasaragod taluq
      of Kerala.
      Gowda people belong to Vokkaliga community. The Namdhari
      Gowdas use Hegde, Nayak, Shetty etc as their surnames.

      • Sheregar, servegar, sherugar and their variants are all surnames of Ramakshathriya community. As per my knowledge, bunts do not have these as their surnames

      • Dear Sushanth, thank you for the additional informations ;but
        Shervegar surname(not servegar) belong to bunts community.
        Thank you for visiting the site.

      • Sheregar, servegar, sherugar and their variants are all surnames of Ramakshathriya community. As per my knowledge, bunts do not have these as their surnames although bunts use Naik as their surnames.

      • According to Kamat’s Potpourri, Serugar are Konkani speaking Kshatriyas, and not tulu speaking Bunts.

  6. hello, im harshavardhan. My last name is Perumalla. i jus want to know, where my name stands in these castes. Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Nadar community, also known by the surname ”Perumal” which means
      ”king” at Tamilnadu. When we trace upon the word ”Perumal”,
      we can point out the links with Chera Royal Dynasty and Nadar
      community. The last king Cheraman Perumal, appointed 18 kings to
      rule over Kerala.
      Thank you for visiting the site.

  7. Mam, Do people in/from Karnataka also use the surname Varma or verma. I know kshatriyas in AP & Royals in Kerala do use Varma and Verma is more common in north but are there Varma’s in Karnataka also? Also wanted to know are there Karuneegars in Karnataka too?

    • Sir,Verma is a surname for one of the saraswat Brahmin castes.
      They are found in coastal Karnataka.Many Bunt families in Karnataka
      hold the Surname Varma. Kayasthas living in karnataka are known as
      Karuneegars in this region.They are also located in Andhra Pradesh
      and other states.
      Thak you for visiting the blog.

      • Verma is not a Saraswat Brahmin surnname, its Bunt Jain, just like Heggade/Pergade, they speak Kannada.

      • Dear Shantala, surname Varma (not verma) belongs to bunts.Verma surname
        belongs to Mair Kshatriyas.It is not to be confused with another surname
        verma, which is a surname for one of the saraswat Brahmin castes.In
        modern times surnames as common as verma has been used by many other
        communities or castes and it is difficult to find one’s ancestry or
        roots with the surname as common as ‘verma’; however it is possible
        to track the roots and origin of a specific ethnic group by modern
        DNA based technology.

  8. I am belong to Marati Naik community, which comes under ST. We live in udupi district of karnataka. I want know its origin & if possible gothra.

    • Thank you Sir, for visiting the blog.The community originally
      from Maharashtra, migrated southwards due to unbearable famine
      and outbreak of epidemics in their native, sometimes after the
      death of Chatrapati Shivaji.
      The Scheduled Tribe status was withdrawn in 2002.
      Among 96 clans of Maratha’s Your’s is Surve; Gothra: Kalmukh;
      Guru:Vashishta; clan God-Prabhakar;
      Surnames:Naik, Nake,Nakedar etc. mantra:Gayatri;Veda:Yajurveda.

      • Why maratas in dakshina Kannada and Udupi belongs to ST , if am having my surname as NAIK how to check my clan,ghotra

      • Dear Akshaj Naik, please refer ”96 Kuli Maratha Clans-Saini Online”
        Refer sl no.93.Clan–Surve;Gotra–Kalmukh;Clan God–Prabhakar;Surname–Naik.

  9. Dear Vani madam,
    We write the surname Pandeya. I am not aware of the origin of this surname. If you have any idea about it can you please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Vidya, it is most likely that surname Pandeya is
      derived from the Sanskrit word Pandita(Pandit/Pandeya)
      which refers to a spiritual scholar.Sanskrit word
      Pandit means ‘learned man’. This sect was derived from
      a group of so called Pandits or spiritual technicians
      who practised yajnas or yagas.

      • Thanks for replying madam. We are not Brahmins, we are kayasthas however I have never come across any other kayasthas except for our family who writes this surname. Hence am curious to know the origin of this surname.

      • Dear Vidya,
        Some people say that the surname Pandeya is believed
        to be derived from the word Pandya which was the oldest
        dynasties of the ancient Tamil kingdom.It is believed that
        the influence of the Pandya rulers in the North and Central
        India because of their successful invasions made the people
        adopt the name Pandya or Pandeya(Sanskrit Hindi-Pandeya).
        You may also know the Hindi nationalist author Pandeya Bechan
        Sharma who was better known as ugra because of his extreme ideas.
        He was a Sarayupurin Brahmin.But you say that you are Kayasthas.
        Swami Vivekananda said that Kayasthas are purest Kshatriyas,
        whose ancestors ruled over half of India at some point of time.
        Anyway, thank you for visiting the blog.

    • Dear Trupti,
      Kulal,Moolya, Handa,Gunaga, Kumbara/Kumhar are
      the some names for the potter community in coastal
      Karnataka.Kulalas is the community which gave
      cooking vessel to the world.

      • Madam, I belong to Gunaga community I have doubts regarding the origin of this community… Does it belong to jainism as I saw in one of the blogs or does it belongs to potter community??

      • Dear Mohanish,please refer M.R.Gunaga’s house-Wikimapia.
        Gunaga caste is basically jain according to history.It can
        be safely believed that they were converted into Jainism
        during the reign of Dada Guru Manidhari Chandra Surji.

  10. Dear Madam,
    I am Sunil Hegde. I am trying to learn about the origin of my surname Hegde, which derives from ‘Kannada Hegde’ caste. But i didn’t find any justifiable details regarding this particular caste.
    Some of my relatives says our caste listed under 2A category. Some says its sub-caste under Veerashaiva Malla or Malava.
    Matrimonial link is established with Kote Kshatriya.

    Can you please find me the origin and real status of my caste and surname.

    Thanks in advance.
    Sunil Hegde

    • Dear Sunil Hegde

      The word “Hegade” is derived from the words “hegg” (“head”) and “gaḍ” (“fort”); thus, it means “head of the fort”. During the period of the Vijayanagara Empire, the warriors who used to protect a fort were called Hegaḍes or Hegḍes. It was also a title used by Bunt chieftains and other village heads. Hegaḍe is used as a surname mainly by the Havyaka Brahmin and Hegḍe is used as a surname mainly by the Bunts (both Hindu and Jain). The surname also occurs among some Ramakshatriya (Kotegar) in Udupi, Kundapur region, Vokkaligas (in Shimoga) and Goud Saraswat Brahmins.

      Hegaḍe (ಹೆಗಡೆ) is also the name of a village in Kumta, Karnataka.

  11. dear mam, I’m from Karnataka my caste is Maratha and surname bhowsle ( 3b) does it come under central obc list

    • Dear Pradeep,Surname Bhonsle (or Bhonsale,Bhonsia, Bhosale, Bhosle)
      are a community within the Maratha clan system.Poet Jayaram says,
      ”Shahji bhosle, father of Shivaji, in his letter to Sultan Adil shah,
      refers to Bhosle as Rajputs.”Surname Bhosale is a commonly shared
      clan names among Malis, Marathas,Kunbis, Ahirs and Dhangars.In April,
      2005, the Supreme Court of India ruled that the Marathas are not
      part of Kunbi community which comes under central obc list.

  12. Namaskara Vani avare,

    Can you please tell which caste does Srivatsav surname belongs to? Is Srivatsav, Srivatsa & Srivastav same?


    • Dear Ravi,Shrivastava also spelled as srivastav is a
      common surname among Kayasthas.In recent times some
      other communities are also using this surname.Surname
      Srivatsa belong to Brahmin sub castes which are grouped
      under Srivatsa gotras.There may be spelling variations
      between Srivatsav and Srivastava.

    • Dear Vijay,Deshastha brahmins bearing surname Naik belong to
      subsect Rigvedi. They are basically brahmins.However
      Naik surname pertaining to ST is included under scheduled tribes list under notification no. Law 58 LCR 77 Bangalore
      dt 3rd September 1977.

      • Hello Vani,

        Thank you for your effort and information posted. I read through earlier posts and I request additional information.
        Surname Nayak is widely used in Mangalore(Brahmin),Shimoga(Lingayats,Kshatriayas,Vaishyas). I am looking for origin and reference on Nayaks from Mysore,Chamarajnagar,Gundlupet and Chitradurga. Kindly check and assisst

    • Dear Yogita, Naik surname is shared by Bunts,Goud Saraswat Brahmins,
      Konkan Marathas,Nadavaru etc.You may refer to Naidu Naicker protection
      youths team-facebook dated december 15, 2012.

    • Dear Supriya,Mudaliar is a caste title used by the people belongings
      to various castes who speak Tamil as their native language,
      though a few may speak Telugu, Malayalam & Kannada.For additional
      informations, you may refer to ”Mudaliar-Wikipedia”.

  13. Respected madam, my girlfriend is from namadhari nayak from ankola, north Kannada dist. She says she belongs to category 2A. Can you please give more information. Aren’t nayak belongs to ST? If not what’s their current social status? Please reply

    • Dear Lokesh,namdhari nayak is a vaishnava community
      found in Uttara Kannada, Udupi,Dakshina Kannada of Karnataka.
      They belong to category 2A and not ST.The community today has
      produced many notable personalities and is prosperous.You may
      refer Namdhari Naik-Wikipedia and Government Order No.SWD 150
      dt 17-9-94 Also refer to r-:r-o Department of Backward classes
      welfare Karnataka.

    • Dear Ananth,NAIRY means”from the mountain of rivers”.
      NAIRY is a female name suitable for baby girls. NAIRY is
      very likely an Armenian variant of the name Nairi.

  14. Maa’m Vani Hegde .It is indeed an excellent collection of information on “caste and surname”. May I please add two corrections, Bhim Rao Ambedkar has been reported as OBC by you in this blog, are you sure ? I always thought that he belonged to the list of scheduled caste and as per manusmriti, pancham varna (beyond Shudras) from a sociological understanding. Another thing that I notice is that Gautam Gambhir (cricketer) has been mentioned as Brahmin, I am not sure about this too. I think he is Khatri and they do not seem to have caste stratification. Moreover, you are quite right about GAUTAM surname largely being Brahmins from north India (particularly from regions between river ganga and yamuna.) You will find them in Nepal too and also as Brahmin community. I have come across GAUTHAM surname in southern India, can you please us understand which caste group is GAUTHAM surname attached. Many thanks and compliments for all the good work !

    • Dear Amatya,thanks for the informations about Gautam Gambhir and B.R.Ambedkar.
      Some Hindu brahmins of Saraswat and Gaur group and their sub-divisions, who
      affiliate with Gautam gotra identify themselves with the last name Gautam.

  15. Dear Ma’m
    About Rao surname in Karnataka,
    Rao surname used by Marathas who migrated from Konkan and other parts of Maharashtra, who were soldiers in the armies of Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj, as we know banglore was jagir of Shahaji raje bhosale father of Shivaji maharaj, in his reign many maratha soldiers and people were migrated to Karnataka, later they were settled in Karnataka, but they created Rao community and not using their original maratha surnames like Lad, Parab, Jadhav, etc, they refer their surnames, gotras at the time of forming marriage relations and other religious rituals.

    • Dear Venkat,Nadavaru of Ankola, Kumta(uttara kannada)
      are not related to Bunts.They do not practice
      matrilineality(inheriting through the female lines)
      and serpent worship which is integral to Bunts culture.

  16. Naik caste belong which quota ….sc/st/gen/obc which they are plz help mam who is naik and what bunt clear every thing in goa naik

    • Dear Manjunath,Manual of Madras Administration(printed in 1885)
      notes that the Nadavas/Nairs of Malabar and the Bunts of
      Southern Tulunadu are same.There is also a hypothesis on the
      basis of mythology that the Nairs were Kshatriyas belonging to
      the serpent dynasty who removed their sacred thread and migrated
      South to escape the wrath of Parashurama.

    • Dear Aashish, surname sable belong to Nikam Gothra.Origin-solar clan
      descended from the Surya vanshi king, Nikam.Guru Parashara. Devak-umber,
      velu, rudraksha chain of gold or onion chain.Kul devata-Jogeshwari.

    • Dear Dilip,the name of gotra can be used as surname, but gotra is
      different from surname.According to Brihadaranyaka upanishad,
      7 are the sages, namely Gautama,Bharadhwaja,Vishwamitra, Jamadagni,
      Vasishta,Kashyapa and Shandilya. The offspring of these 7 sages is
      declared to be gotras.

  17. Can anyone tell me about kadam caste…? can they belong to OBC..?
    As far as I have gone through description given in Wikipedia it seems like they belong to general category? I am confused plzzz do help.. Tell me about the Kadam caste, their origin and which category they belongs to..

    • Dear Raj, surname Hugar/Hukar belong to the prominent Lingayat caste
      in North Karnataka.Also refer ”Hogeri surname meaning, origin and
      distribution” in Google.

      • Thanks Mam, Actually I was planning to buy a agricultural land and the original owner is Rangappa Hogeri. I tried almost all the possible ways in google, but I couldn’t find the caste for surname HOGERI. I am from Lingayat and I know about Hugar and Hukar. My doubt was whether HOGERI belongs to SC/ST? Thanks,Raj

  18. Hi madam,

    I want to know what would be the relation between a motamarri boy(arya vysya)and a perumalla girl(arya vysya).

    Please please answer this. I fell in love with this girl madly and i want to make sure that my surname relationship is not a brotherhood with her surname before approaching her

    Can they both get married?

    Or the relation depends on the gothra??

    Thanks a lot

    • Dear Nagaraj, in all probabilities, the modern gothra system is no more relevant,
      however the best method is to do genetic test of the bride and groom’s DNA for any
      possible genetic disorders in their off springs.Please refer ”science of genetic
      behind the hindu gotra system”.

    • Dear Farid,Muslims don’t have castes. Sunni and Shia are sects.
      Syed, Sheikh, Pathan, Khan, Mallik are noble caste.For informations
      about lower caste and untouchable caste, please refer ”Information
      about the caste of Muslims-Yahoo answers”

  19. Dear Vani,

    Please clarify, which community share the highest societal Status in Society comparing to Gowda and Bunt Community, whether these 2 community share equal status in society. Also tell us which is the oldest among these two communities.

    • Dear Triveni,Gowda community and Bunts community share
      equal status in society.Bunts came into prominence as
      regional chieftains and landed gentry in the early part
      of Christian era. Gowda surname is used by many communities
      of Karnataka.Junje Gowda,who built Male Mahadeshwara temple
      was a Kuruba.It is also a common name of many Lingayats.
      A minister called Raju Gowda belongs to the Nayaka/Valmiki
      community. Gollas , Edigas and many other small caste people
      as well use Gowda as a surname. Gowda is a title used to denote
      the head of the family or community.Please refer-”Kuruba Gowda”
      Gowda is not a caste name.Many people of different communities
      use Gowda as surname.I think Bunts community is the oldest among
      these two communities.

  20. Hello mam
    Mam I want to know that from which vans( eg. Suryavansh, Chandravansh,agnivansh,etc) my caste is originated..
    My caste is Mair/ Merh Rajput kshatriyas…
    Although my mom has told me that we are suryavanshi
    But I am confused..
    So please explain me…

    • Dear Abhishek,Mair Rajputs are the descendants of Maharaj
      Ajmeedh, who founded the city of Ajmer.They are Suryavanshis
      and their Kul Devi is Shakambari Devi, a form of Durga.She is
      worshipped as the Goddess of war.Family’s gothra is Rajrana.

  21. Hi ma’m my last name is Naik (namadhari) my mom says I belong to vaishnava but my friends says naik/nayak/poojari/billava belong to Kshatriyas I don’t understand BTW vaishava and Kshatriya I am from Sirsi I live in manglore.

    SC/ST cast people like marathis also use Naik as their sir name. please clear my doubts
    thank you.

    • Dear Gautam,your mom is right; surname Naik(namdhari) belong to
      vaishnava community.They are predominantly found in Uttara Kannada,
      Udupi and Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka.To clear your doubts
      you may refer

      • Hi Madam, my wifeis from Namadhari is this caste is a subset of of GSB and she is from Siddapura (Sirsi-Siddapura), Uttara Kannada. Please clear my doubt

      • Hi Madam,
        Can I please know a little history of my roots. My last name is Kanagalingam. I believe they are originally from Sri Lanka. I was born and raised overseas and so is my dad so he said he has vague recollection. Any info is very much appreciated. Many thanks!

      • Dear Arjun, surname Kanakalingam belongs to Vellalar caste in Sri Lanka.
        For more details, please refer ”Sri Lankan Vellalar-Wikipedia”.
        Sri Lankan Vellalars share common origins with Vellalars of Tamilnadu.
        Vellam in Tamil means flood, water or abundance.

  22. Mam
    I heard that all kshatriyas were not kings..
    From some sources I got that all kshatriyas were not kings.
    Among them all RAJPOOTS were kings…
    So mam please tell me that except RAJPOOTS
    Are all kshatriyas were kings…

    • Dear Abhishek, as all land owners were not Rajputs.
      in the same way all the Kshatriyas were not Rajputs.
      All the rulers in ancient India were not Kshatriyas
      nor all the Kshatriyas were actually ruling.All the
      rulers were called Rajans and their children were
      called Rajputras. Thus in actual application Rajputs
      and Kshatriyas did not always coincide.
      Kshatriyas are ancient lineage of kings.Please refer
      ”Martial races of undivided India page 139-Google Books R”

    • Dear Deepak, in North Karnataka majority of community members(lingayat or Gowda)
      do not add surnames to their names. Instead, they add names of
      ancestral places such as Aladakatti to their names.Also anybody
      can have surname Aladakatti. He could belong to any caste.

    • Dear Deepak,no authentic informations are available about surname
      Dadape.Please refer ”Surname dadape”Ranganath Patki-Genealogy-Geni.”
      There is the name of the child bearing surname Dadape. Since the family belong
      to CKP(Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu), surname dadape also may belong
      to CKP.

      • Hello Vani,

        Thank you for your effort and information posted. I read through earlier posts and I request additional information.
        Surname Nayak is widely used in Mangalore(Brahmin),Shimoga(Lingayats,Kshatriayas,Vaishyas). I am looking for origin and reference on Nayaks from Mysore,Chamarajnagar,Gundlupet and Chitradurga. Kindly check and assisst

  23. Hello Vani,
    I read through earlier posts and need some clarification and reference on surname Nayak in karnataka.
    My understanding is surname Nayak is used by Brahmins in Managlore, Lingayaits in Shimoga and vaishnavas in some parts of karnataka. Any idea what about the origin of Nayaks in Chamrajanagar,Guldlupet and Chitrdurga?

  24. Hello Vani,

    Thank you for your effort and information posted. I read through earlier posts and I request additional information.

    Surname Nayak is widely used in Mangalore(Brahmin),Shimoga(Lingayats,Kshatriayas,Vaishyas). I am looking for origin and reference on Nayaks from Chamarajnagar,Gundlupet and Chitradurga. Kindly check and assisst.

  25. Hello Vani,

    Thank you for your effort and information posted. I read through earlier posts and I request additional information.
    Surname Nayak is widely used in Mangalore(Brahmin),Shimoga(Lingayats,Kshatriayas,Vaishyas). I am looking for origin and reference on Nayaks from Mysore,Chamarajnagar,Gundlupet and Chitradurga. Kindly check and assisst.

  26. Hello mam,
    My surname is savant and caste is Konkan Maratha.Can you tell does it come under latest central government OBC list or has it been changed to other name

    • Dear Abhijeet,National commission for backward classes receives a number of
      representations from the persons belonging to backward classes on various issues
      like discrimination faced by them, non-implementation of rules by authorities.
      It may be noted that National Commission for Backward Classes has not yet been
      empowered to look into the grievances of persons of Other Backward Classes.Surname
      Sawant is not yet found in latest central government OBC list of Maharashtra.
      Nowadays you cannot know a persons real caste from his surname.The neo-buddhist
      or the SC community have all adopted so many surnames of the high caste Hindus
      that you just cannot tell.Sawant owe their origin to Shilahara dynasty of Konkan
      Maharashtra/Sawantwadi. Sawant community comes in brahmin and Maratha caste
      but not dalits.

    • Dear Abhishek,the Aheria are Rajputs. They are an ethnic community.
      Aheria means hunter. Their occupation was business before 1920. Now
      they are farmers. Aheria caste is not a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe.

  27. Hello Vani,

    Thank you for your effort and information posted. I read through earlier posts and I request additional information.
    Surname Nayak is widely used in Mangalore(Brahmin),Shimoga(Lingayats,Kshatriayas,Vaishyas). I am looking for origin and reference on Nayaks from Mysore,Chamarajnagar,Gundlupet and Chitradurga. Kindly check and assisst

    • Dear sir,Nayak means head of a regiment.Nayaks trace their origin back to Suryavanshi Rajputs.
      Nayak dynasties emerged after the downfall of Vijayanagar empire. After the battle of
      Talikota, several of them declared independence.The nayak kingdom included Nayaks of
      Chitradurga, Nayaks of Keladi,Nayaks of Chennapatna etc.In 1763 AD,with their defeat
      to Hyder Ali, they were absorbed into kingdom of Mysore.
      Nayak community has 3 sub castes-Valmiki, Beda and Talwar.They are concentrated in
      Chitradurga, Shimoga, Bellary and Tumkur.Beda/Hunters and Talvar also use Nayaks as
      the last name.
      Nyaks in Chamarajanagar district belong to Parivar caste which is classified as
      backward tribe.

    • Dear Prakash, Vatekar is a subcaste of the Kshatriya caste.
      They played an important role in the establishment and
      administration of Maratha empire.Please refer ”origin of
      CKP community, 18, Randive.

  28. Dear Vani Madam,

    I want to know the caste name “Tanjore Kallars” and their origin, they have lot of surnames. Same surnames are brothers and will not marry. What is their gothra, Guru and Kula devatha?


    • Dear Sunder,the Kallar, Maravar and Agamudaiyar are siblings and
      descendents of the three clans- Chera, Chola and Pandyan. Their
      deity is Amman, the Mother Goddess.The Kallar, Maravar and Agamudaiyar
      communities constitute the Kshatriya community of Tamilnadu. They are
      said to have belonged to the Kamageti family and Valmiki gotra.

  29. Namskar…..
    Sir majhe surname Nimbekar aahe mala cast verifcation karayache aahe parantu majhe father chya v itar natevaik kanchya surname thikani Naik Surname jhale aahe tyamule mala Cast V.fic sathi adchan yet aahe….aamche surname he nimbekar aahe parantu Naik he Padavi Dili Geli aahe paranu tich padavi Naik Surname Mhanun Lagali aahe ….Please sir kahi tari upay suchava

  30. My surname is Jugdar. I dont know our origin. My Grandfathers Father came to kolhapur and got settle over there. Please let me know our origin.

      • Dear Abhishek, in early times they occupied the same high position in society
        as their brother Rajputs. But later under pressure of many vicissitudes they
        were driven to making their living by some handicrafts. They preferred working
        in precious metals and came to be called as sonars by the populace.With the
        help of British officers, they again gained what they had lost-their Rajput
        prestige and title.

  31. Hi mam sorry. Amar yatam here. My surname is not Yatham its Yatam. Our purvaj said we r from north karnataka. Nearby vijapur city our home town seated. We r know about that. We r migrant in 17th century when Nizam and Hindus war. In maharashtra our our people converted in Budhist religion. In.maharashtra are kuldevata is mhasoba. But one of hindu priest said. “Aapka bakti aapke kuldevata tak nahi pahunchata. Apka kuladevata Kalbhairon hein” We r confused. Last 5 year we r face so many troubles. Thats why i need to know about my kuldevata and kuldevi. Pls. help me. Its so urgent.

  32. Dear Mam,

    My Surname is Gautam which are related with ‘Gautam Brahmins’ or with Gautam as Gotra. But I found many people in Delhi who writes Gautam as their surname but belongs to SC/ST and they are mentioned as ‘Jatav’ by caste in their SC/ST certificates.

    Please clear my doubts that from which caste ‘Gautam’ actually belongs to?

    • Dear Sadhvi, Gautam Brahmins are those Hindu Brahmins who affiliate
      either with Gautam gotra or dharma sutra.Also Gautam surname does
      come under the scheduled caste which convert to Buddhism.With the
      advent of the Europeans in India, people started adopting the name
      of Gautam as their first name or the last name for one or the other
      reasons since the beginning of the 20th century.

    • Dear Sheetal, before 12th century there was no difference between the southern kshatriyas(Marathas)
      and northern kshatriyas(Rajputs). The rajput clan list was prepared in 12th century
      and the difference was set.

  33. Dear mam, u not giving me reply yet. My name is Amar S. Yatam. Are family migrant to maharashtra from north karnatak in 17 century. When nizam attack on vijaynagar empire. U said my cast is Kapu and god is Venugopala. But one of hindu priest is said to me our kuldevata is kalbhairav. Our Yatam people originally located nearby vijapur district. In maharashtra our kuldevata is Mhasoba. Last 5 yrs me & my family facing some problem. Hindu priest said find u r god and do some shanti. Pls. m so confused. Give me reply immediately.

    • Dear Bala, Vanniyar live in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
      They speak Tamil , Telugu and Kannada.Vanniyar, once known as Palli,
      are a community found in South India.They are the followers of the
      Draupadi cult in South India.The titles indicating authority, assumed
      by them are-Nayakar, Varma, Naicker etc. The name ”Vanniyar” is a
      Tamil word. Vanni means fire or Agni.

  34. Hi Vani.. Gaonkar surname from malvan, sindhudurg(near kudal).. They belong to which caste.. I was told its maratha.. But want to confirm and what is difference between a maratha and kshatriya. Are they on same level..

    • Dear Priyanka, Gaonkar surname belong to Bhandari caste.Rameshwar is
      their Gramdevata.They migrated from Rajaputana in early 1100CE and
      spread over maharashtra, Goa, Karwar.Bhandari caste is among the
      seafaring caste of ancient and medieval India.Before 12th century
      there was no difference between southern Kshatriyas(Marathas) and
      northern Kshatriyas(Rajputs).Sage Vyasa created the first list and
      established that the great Maratha clans are descendants of 56
      royal houses of India.In 12th century the Rajput clan list was
      prepared and difference set in.

  35. hi… vani maa’m, nim reply odta edre tumba kushi agatte.. i belong to naik(NAMADHARI) from uttara kannada, honnavara taluk, i have very respect on my community and as my knowledge namadhari naik belong to vaishnava community. and here my question is vaishnava community and rama kshatriya both are same or different? and does namadhari naik belong to bunts?

  36. hellow..NAMASKARA..
    my name is varun from honnavara, uttara kannada and i belong to the caste naik(namadhari). i know that naik namadhari is a vaishnava community. here my question is vaishnava community and rama kshatriya both are same or different?

    • Dear Varun,Ram kshatriyas are a Kannada/Konkani speaking community
      that belonged to former royal army.Rao is a widely used surname in
      Ram Kshatriya community.Other surname is Nayak(leader) and not naik.
      Namdhari Naik is a Hindu vaishnava community found in Uttara Kannada
      and Udupi.They have sub castes-Dasa Pantha and Bhakti Pantha.

  37. Ma’am,you mentioned that maratha is a kshatriya cast.but they aren’t.there many great thinkers like dr.A.H salunkhe who claims that marathas are shudra as shivaji maharaj was belonged to the kunbi cast.i can prove this cz maratha empire started from chattrapati shivaji raje.before chattrapati,we haven’t even heard the name short words,it’s a group of backkward castes independance,it was like dhangar-marathas in kolhapur.n kunbi marathas.but due to reservation kunbis n dhangars etc let not to use maratha in their cast may know,that shivaji was discriminated by some savarna hindus as daulat khan(almost)linked up shivaji with rajput my surname is shinde and im from my maharashtra.n this surname is what is your opinion?n by the way savant are also from SC and ST as well as neo-buddhists.thank you!

  38. Mam Billvas and Kulals Of Tulunadu have common surnames like, Bangera,Salian, Anchan etc..How dis two community are related to each other with common surnames?

    • Dear Gautam, many of the surnames prevailing among Billava community
      are not exclusive to them but are common among different Tulu communities
      like Bunts Mogaveera etc.The presence of Mulyaranna bari surname suggests
      that a part of Moolya people were incorporated into the fold of the
      Billava diaspora during the course of historical timeline.

      • Dear Goutam, communities in Tulunadu evolved from the absorption
        and merger of tribes and sects that existed in this land before
        the arrival of Tulu speaking people.In this connection, please
        refer last para of the article,” Tulu studies:314. The Billava
        community:Significant evolutionary trends”

  39. Namaskar mam. My last name is KALE and we are suryavanshi 96 kuli Kshatriya of Bhardwaj gotra. I was searching for the roots of my clan and the bhat people who are from Rajasthan told us that our ancestors from Rajasthan who migrated to Maharashtra about 450-500 years ago. But when I searched other clans of marahtas then I found the similarity between kadam,nikam,salunkhe and kale clan. Except our clan all these three clan have origin in south India therefore I am little bit confused. Do you have any information regarding KALE clan of marathas so that I can search for roots of my family in right direction.

    • Dear Abhijeet,ancient Maharashtra was geographically bigger one,
      than today’s Maharashtra, consisting almost all parts of Deccan.
      The Konkanasth Brahmans also have a clan called Kale.The Marathas are
      a caste formed from military service.The Marathas as a people do not
      seem to be mentioned before the 13th or 14th century.Most of the people
      bearing surname Kale are found in Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu.

      • Yes,koknastha bramhins have kale surname but their gotra is different. Kale from tamilnadu might have migrated from Maharashtra in shahaji’s time who was father of shivaji maharaj.

      • Koknastha bramhins having kale as a surname have different gotra. Kale from tamilnadu might have migrated from maharashtra because I have seen the list of clans who served maharajas of tanjore have mentioned our clan name. But my question still the same. Bhats who records our history mentioned that we r from rajputana but my clan is more near to kadambas and chalulyas. In this clans chalukyas had a vast kingdom which was part of rajputana and later they were recognised as solanki/solankhe. But there is no mention of name kale in their branch. Though I studied further and found that kalbhairava is our clan god and many of my ancestors have KAL which means death as their names and branches in my clan bear surnames like KALBHOJ,KALSARP,KALRANA,KALKE,KALMAURYA,KALMEGH etc. Does this KAAL word signifies anything? Is it related to any ancient clan of Kshatriyas?

      • Dear Abhishek,Kale clan belongs to 96 Kuli Maratha clans. Deshmukh/Kalamkar
        is another name for the Kale clan.Lineage-Surya vamsha.Guru Vasishta and
        clan God is Prabhakar.Please refer The-Royal-Maratha Warriors.

  40. Madam

    My name is priyanka gautam and i am sc. I am not clear whether i am jatav are from kori samaj. As my family members say i am from kori samaj and a weaver traditionally. But in newspaper marriage section i have seen some sc jatav writing gautam as their surname and claiming as sc jaatav. Also i dnt know what is my gotra and no one in my family also knows. Please help me mam.

  41. Madam

    My name is priyanka gautam and i am sc. I am not clear whether i am jatav are from kori samaj. As my family members say i am from kori samaj and a weaver traditionally. But in newspaper marriage section i have seen some sc jatav writing gautam as their surname and claiming as sc jaatav. Also i dnt know what is my gotra and no one in my family also knows. Please help me in knowing my identity mam.

  42. Madam

    My name is priyanka gautam and i am sc. I am not clear whether i am jatav or from kori samaj. As my family members say i am from kori samaj and a weaver traditionally. But in newspaper marriage section i have seen some sc jatav writing gautam as their surname and claiming as sc jaatav. Also i dnt know what is my gotra and no one in my family also knows. Please help me in knowing my identity mam.

    • Dear Priyanka,Kori are a Hindu caste who are traditionally associated with weaving.
      They are known as Bhuiyar in Haryana, U.P., Delhi, Uttarakhand and as Koli in
      Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.They trace their descent from the ancient Shakya rulers.
      The community has two gotras-the Kashyap and Sandilya.
      Jatav is a social group which is considered to be part of chamar caste or leather worker.
      Gautam, Singh,Sankhwar, Kuril, Dohre,Jatav, Lal, Chandra, Prasad and many more surnames
      belong to Chamar caste in Uttar Pradesh.

    • Dear Raghavendra, surnames of barber community are-Sain, Savitha, Bhandari,Gaur, Chandela,
      Tomar, Sharma, Moily,Sen,Sarathi, Tomar,Maru. Bhatti, Sen, Maran etc.They belong to Kaundinya Gotra.
      Please refer”Nai-People Groups of India.”

  43. Hi Mam its me Goutham,I asked u many days back about same surnames of Kulals and Billava community of Tulunaadu like bangera salian anchan etc..
    and later when I learnt about this common surnames in “Tulu research and studies : 286” earlier Tulu people were recognized by baris and there was no caste system like Bunts, Mogaveera, Kulala and Billava etc, and this people having same variable were related by blood itseems, so after manuscript revolution this Bari people was further divided to present caste system among tulu people,so that is the reason to have same barks among tulu communities it was explained!

  44. MADAMJI,



    • Dear Shankar,please refer 96 Kuli Maratha clans Saini Online( sl no.21).
      Jadhav surname belongs to 96 Kuli Maratha clans.In Hindu families marriages
      within the same gotra are prohibited.But marriage within the kula is allowed
      and even preferred.Kunbis also use Jadhav as their surname.

  45. MADAM JI,


  46. Thank you madam. Then what is Namadhari caste then? my wife says Namadhari is a sort of Iyengar category. And they belong to sub set of Brahmin. Please clarify.

    • Dear Ananth,Namdhari caste is a Hindu Vaishnava community predominently found in Uttara Kannada.
      They use Naik/Nayak as their surnames. They are the followers of Ramanujacharya, originating from
      Melukote of Mandya district.Lord of Tirupathi is their deity.It can be noted that among the Vokkaligas
      too there is a grouping called Namdhari Gowda.In addition, Arya Ediga community is a Hindu community
      of people concentrated in South central areas of Karnataka.They are classified as Soma vamsha kshatriyas.
      In coastal areas of Karnataka they are known by various names such as Billava,Halepaika, Namdhari Naik
      and Thiyya.
      Please refer Vaishnavism Wikipedia-Vaishnavism in South India, (content

      • Thank you madam. So does it mean all Vaishnava community are not Brahmin? please clarify. You have a enormous knowledge on the community perspective. Thanks for your time.

  47. Dear Mam,
    i want to know the origin of the people, caste, migratory pattern in ancient times surnames of Karnataka, though they have displaced to other parts, like Devmane, Raimane, Deshmane
    can you help?

    • Dear Ramesh,surname Deshmane and Devmane belong to 96 kuli Maratha clans.
      Their mother tongue is Marathi/Konkani and state of origin is Maharashtra.
      The ancestors of Raimane family arrived in England following the Norman
      conquest of 1066.The name Raimane came from the Norman personal name Raimund.
      Please refer”Raimane Family Crest Coat of Arms and name History.”Also refer
      ”96 kuli maratha clan-Saini online”-sl no.68 Mane clan-surname ‘Devmane”

  48. Good evening madam
    My friend name is ruchika gautam. She is from Jhansi UP. She needs a clarifiaction. People say gautam belongs to chamar in up and her caste certificate has ruchika gautam belonging to kori caste. Please clear this so that i may help her.

    • Dear Shikha,the surname Gautam belong to Kori caste.
      However the Chamars in U.P. also use Gautam as their surnames
      along with surnames such as Singh,Jatav and many more.In this
      connection you may refer ”The Association of Universal Chamars:
      The Chamar.”

  49. Hi ma’am,
    I’m belongs to namadhari naik, my gf belongs to marathi naik. Can we marriage. After marriage which community should we belongs to.. ? marriage is possible between us?

    • Dear Raj, you can marry but both of you need to take a DNA test to check
      if there are any problems that might occur in case you have an
      offspring later.Courts have held that on inter caste marriage,
      a wife will belong to the caste of her husband.

  50. Hi Ma’am, My name is Alkesh Jadhav. Currently I am staying in Alibaug, Maharashtra. I want to know about my caste, origin and gothra. Also let me know about our kuladevta and kulswamini (Kulpurush and kulswami). Thank you ma’am.

    • Dear Alkesh,please refer ”96 Kuli Maratha clans-Saini online.”(
      Jadhav also known as Yadav claim their descent(origin) from the Yadavas of
      Devagiri, who in turn claim their descent from Yadu.Your kuldevta is Jogeshwari,
      and Gothra-Dhampal.

  51. Hii , my surname is ROR , in haryana , it is believed that it belongs to marathas from third battle of panipat … Is ror really belongs to marathas

    • Dear Vijay,the Rors in Haryana trace their lineage to Maratha soldiers
      who survived the third battle of Panipat which was fought on 1761
      between the Afghan invader Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas under
      the leadership of Sadashiv Rao Bhau, Peshwa of Pune.

  52. Dear madam my name is Abhijeet Jagtap.I belong to budddhist community previously mahar.I am from Satara district khatav taluka Visapur village.I want to know from where my ancestors belong to and my kuldaivat.Also Let me know from where the ancestors of Randive surname of nadashi village of karad taluka of Satara district and their kuldaivat . They also belong to mahar caste.

    • Dear Abhijeet, please refer ”96 Kuli Maratha Clans Saini Online”
      ( 18); Surname Jagtap belong to Soma vansh; kuldevata-Khanderaw
      and ancestor-VasuSen.Surname Randive belong to C K P community.
      Please refer ”C K P Group-All Kayastha Surnames.”Gothra is Sankhyayan.

  53. Hi,
    I am from Mangalore, I belongs to Billava (ediga) Community, i need a clarification:-
    are we (Edigas) belongs to Gowda Community or Not …?
    if yes please provide me the reference

    • Dear Ganesh,Surname Gowda is attributed to Edigas of Andhra origin
      which was took over by Vokkaligas due to numerical dominance.
      Pleas refer”Idiga-Wikipedia”.

    • Dear sir,the surnames Naik, More and Parab belong to Konkan Marathas.
      Konkan Marathas are Konkani speaking Hindu Kshatriyas originally from
      Goa, Karwar,Ankola andSupa/Joida.Please refer ”Marathi and Konkani
      Surnames starting with A”.

    • Dear Lakshmi,pandilla palle surname is derived from a place name.
      Palle surname belong to fishermen sect in Andhra Pradesh.
      They are Agnikula Kshatriyas. Andhra Kshatriyas have 5 gotras
      named as Vasishta, Koundinya, Dhananjaya, Kashyapa and Bharadhwaaja.

    • Dear Vivek,please refer ”Vokkaliga Community Subgroups”(
      is one among the 110 subgroups of Vokkaligas.It is opined that all the sub
      groups previously formed a single unified community which broke into several
      factions over the ages.Vokkaliga community is patrilineal whereas Bunts
      follow the matrilineal(aliya kattu) system of descent and kinship.They
      belong to the serpent lineage of Kshatriyas.Bunts rever serpents in sacred
      groves called Nagabana situated near traditional bunt homes called ”Guttuda Ill.”

  54. Madam,
    Bangargi belong to which caste?
    I guess it must be lingayat.
    I guess Birje also brlongs to the same caste.

    • Dear Nirad,surname Birje belong to Hatkar caste.Clan name-Kharat;Lineage-
      Agnivamsha; Kul-Solanki;Gotra-Bharadhvaja.Surname Bangargi is the name
      of a village in Jhakhand State and cannot indicate the caste.Since Lingayat
      surnames include names of places food items, dresses, houses etc,she may be

  55. Thank you madam. Yes madam i had refered about Vokkaliga subgroups, there is mentioned bunts also in subgroup but there is no open statement for this, this is political reason or what.

  56. Sorry madam I have one more Qtn Sri Krishna Deva Raya he is belongs to Bunts Caste or not Kindly advise.

    • Dear Vivek,
      There is controversy about the caste of Krishnadevaraya.It has been said that
      Krishnadevaraya was a Yadava king as written in ”Amuktamalyada” composed by
      the king himself.It has also been said that Tuluva Narasa Nayaka, the founder
      of Tuluva dynasty does not have ”Raya” title in his name.The descendants of
      Krishnadevaraya and Tuluva Narasa Nayaka are still there in South Kanara region.
      They belong to Tuluva Bunt community commonly known as Shetty community of South Kanara.

    • Dear Ashok,E.Thurston in his ”Castes and Tribes of Southern India”,
      considered Gavaras as a sub-division among the Vaisyas. Gavara is a
      desi word which means businessman.Gavara is a community well-versed
      in agriculture, trade, business and finance.Please refer ”1000 years
      of Gavara Community” for additional information.

  57. dear madam my name is harish
    my caste is bajanthri
    so what would be my origin,sub- caste n gothra
    where would be our origin places…

    • Dear Harish,Nayi Brahmin community is variously called as Sain, Mangali, Bajanthri etc.
      Nayi Brahmin is a caste from Andhra Pradesh.Their Kuldevata is Limbach Mataji.They are
      classified as OBC by the government of Andhra Pradesh.Please refer ”Nai belong to a
      hereditary caste or Nayee Brahmin community.”In karnataka, Bajanthri is a sub group
      of Veerashaiva Lingayat.Please also refer ”Central Government List of Other Backward

  58. madam my surname is kamble but we are not mahar or boudha but our parent say that we belongs to kshatriya maratha caste . other surnames from our caste are same as maratha community. Few history book indicates that we are marathas who joined pindari group after down fall of maratha dynasty. pl comment.

    • Dear Dilip,your parents are right. Please refer ’96 Kuli Maratha Clan-Saini Online”
      (sl. no.4)Surname Kamble belong to Engale clan.Kuldaivat is Brahmanath .

  59. My name is Harish Naik ……i am from andhra pradesh …..i belong to ST …….do my ancestors were from maharashtra ……pz let me know ?

    • Dear Harish, Aare(=Arya) Maratha/Aare Kshatriya-a caste of warrior class who adopted agriculture
      -are believed to be migrated from Maha Rashtra to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh during the 17th
      century,Chatrapathi Shivaji’s period.

    • Dear Satish,surname Gandre is of late medieval English origin.Please refer
      ”G-Last names beginning with G in the U.S.”(Rank in America-15o436;
      Estimated number in America-100)

  60. My name is Reva.Madam I wanted to know Savardekars from Goa . whether they are saraswat . if not then which caste

  61. Hi Mam,
    I would like to know the caste by surname, surname is “Yellumahanthi”. Could you please help me to find the caste? .

    Thanks in advance!

  62. Hi Vanihegde Mam,

    I would like to know the caste by surname, surname is “YELLUMAHANTHI “, could you please help me to find caste?

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Dear Kate,surname setty belong to Arya Vyshya community
      which is a trading community in South India.
      They belong to 102 gotras.Surname Setty belong to janakula gotra.
      They are strictly vegetarians.

    • Dear Khosla,In western Uttar Pradesh, those who affiliate with Gautam gotra
      identify themselves with the last name Gautam. Gautam surname also does come
      under the scheduled caste which convert to Buddhism.

      • Dear Rashmi,Kapu caste is a forward caste in Andhra Pradesh.
        Some of the sub castes of Kapu such as Munnuru Kapus, Turpu Kapus,
        Vada Balijas etc are included among the Other Backward Classes list.
        Kapu community is demanding inclusion in the backward castes category
        and Andhra Pradesh government has announced inclusion of Kapu community
        under backward classes category and setting up of a panel to study the
        issue of reservation to be provided for the community.

    • Dear Tulasi Das, I think surname ”dhoundey” might have been misspelt.
      Similar surname Dhundhale belongs to Rajput family. Their gotra is Shandilya
      and Kuldevi Parameshwari Devi.Another surname Dhande-gotra is Shandilya and
      belong to Bagwe clan among 96 clans of Marathas.

    • Dear Rohan, Godbole is a surname from Konkanastha Brahmins or Chitpavan Brahmins
      from western Maharashtra and also used by Rajapur Saraswat Brahmins.Most of the
      Marathi families from Madhya Pradesh have been there for over two centuries. You
      may also refer to”96 Maratha clans-Saini Online (sl no.15)Clan-Ghatke.

    • Dear Goraksh, surname Modi belongs to”Modh Ghanchi” caste
      which was part of O B C in Gujarat.Those who indulged in
      small business of oil extraction are known as Modh Ghanchis.
      Surname Dharia belong to Balaha gotra in jainism.

    • Dear Namasvi,Shirodkar belongs to Daivajna Brahmin caste.
      However Shirodkar comes in other castes like G.S.B. and Hindu Bhandari.
      People of surname ‘Dhongde’ changed their surnames as Shirodkar.

    • Dear Rohan,Shirodkar belong to Koushik/Kashyap gotra of Daivajna
      Brahmin community.However surname Shirodkar traverse caste divides.
      Shirodkar may be a G.S.B.,goldsmith or a Bhandari.

  63. Hello mam,
    My spouse surname s paraddi and I don’t know whether it comes under which caste he says reddy sometimes and raddi sometimes and I checked in google there I came to know paraddi initial comes under ST please clear my doubt

  64. Pilli surname In Nellore district.They are Gajula balija or naidu caste, i think so. Anyone knows gotra and kula devatha there. REPLY URGENT pls..

    • Dear Namrata, here are some gotras pertaining to barber caste.Ask your elders
      or priests which gotra you belong to:Rethalia,Jadolia,Banbharu,Tanwar,Naroia,
      Shailya,Mathuria,Kashyap, Dhananjaya,Mandavya,Vasishta, Kaushik,Bhradhwaj and

      • Ma’am do you know any story as to who exactly the bhandarys(barber) are. The roots of the caste, the origin or anything. I looked up a lot on the internet could not find anything. Can you help me out?

      • Dear Namrata, only with functional differentiation came occupational
        differentiation and numerous sub castes such as sonar lohar chamar, nai(barber)
        came into existence. The community recognized by their occupations like hunting,
        fishing etc are regarded as lowest; the metal work, agriculture, trade are higher
        in rank while the highest caste is those of priests and teachers.
        A barber word is derived from the Latin word”barba”(beard). A barber is someone
        whose occupation is to cut hair, give shaves and to trim beard.We can find barbers
        community in all states by various names.In Karnataka they are called Nayinda and
        in Tamilnadu as Ambattan; in West Bengal as Napit etc.You may refer ”The history of
        Barbering which has developed into today’s modern saloons” and ”Chapter ii Shodhganga”

      • Ma’am i understand that. Bhandary means treasurer. I just want to know how this surname got attached to a barber caste. They do not match quite well!

      • Dear Namrata,The word Bhandari traces it’s root to the Sanskrit word”Mandharak”.
        They are also people who come under warrior class, who were given charge of looking
        after the state treasury.-says Vishnu Wagh, a community leader and B.J.P.spokesperson.
        Please refer ”Treasurers of yore, now key to political fortune”.Also note that
        Bhandari is a surname found in various Hindu castes and communities in India.

      • Madam, do you agree that the pindari group consists of people from different caste ? I have read that some maratha caste people also joined pindari band after downfall of maratha dynasti. Afterward they lived as a separate group or caste and they are outcasts by the community. e.g. Bedar caste in Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh..

      • Dear Dilip,I have read that Pindaries were a large group of people
        of all castes and creeds.During the British regime, The Criminal Tribes Act
        was passed in 1871 which listed the communities engaged in criminal
        activities.After independence the Act was repealed and The Habitual
        Offenders Act was passed in 1952.Since then these communities are reffered
        to as De-notified,Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic tribes.They are not entitled to
        subsidised food grains,job guarantee, pension scheme etc.The U.N. has asked India
        on 9 March 2007 to repeal the Habitual Offenders Act 1952 and effectively
        rehabilitate the de-notified and nomadic tribes.
        Thank you for the additional information.

  65. Hello vani ji

    my surname is “modak” & we are marathi brahmins as told by our elders.

    but there is lot of confusion in our gotra , they don’t exactly know about it & till now are using kaushik gotra which is not right.

    Modak brahmins have vishistha gotra as per the information that i have collected & then only the surname+gotra combination works.

    (source :

    some of our relatives called us parashar brahmins but again parashar brahmins don’t have modak surname.

    can you please advice me on our gotra. Is my analysis of having vishistha gotra right ???


    • Dear DK,surname Kundurmutt originates from the Kundurmutt village in
      Chennarayapatna Block,Hassan district, Karnataka.It is a toponymic
      surname derived from a place name.Merchants might adopt a toponymic
      by name to associate themselves with the place they never actually
      resided. Ramkshatriya community members do not add surnames to their
      names; instead, they add names of their ancestral places or family
      names to their names; eg;Bekal, Kumble, hosakote etc.The Chitrapur
      Saraswats and Gaud Saraswat Brahmins use the names of local coastal
      village names as their surnames.

    • Dear DK, Kundurmutt is a toponymic surname derived from a place name.
      This can include specific locations such as the individual’s place of
      origin, residence or of lands they held.

    • Dear Jyothi,Ikshvaku is another name for Surya as Shri Rama is from Surya Vamsha.
      Surya Vamshi dynasty is also known as Ikshvaku dynasty.Emperor Raghu was Lord Rama’s
      grand father.He is a later ancestor after Ikshvaku. Rama is descendent of both
      Ikshvaku and Raghu as per Vishnu Purana. Rama kshatriyas trace their origins/lineage
      in Raghu Kula or the family to which Lord Rama belonged.As per this belief, they are
      Raghuvanshi Kshatriyas.They might have migrated to Karnataka from Uttar Pradesh /Ayodhya.
      Ram Kshatriyas are a Kannada or Konkani speaking brahmanical community of former royal
      army officials/caretakers or administrators of forts who mainly hail from Karnataka.
      Other communities refer to them as Shervegar, Koteyar, Kote Kshatriyas etc.Like Saraswats
      they do not add surnames to their names. Instead they add names of their ancestral places
      or family names to their names eg:Bekal, Kumble, Uppoor, Bolar etc.

    • Dear Jyothi, according to Vishnu purana, Brahma created Daksha out of his thumb.
      His daughter Aditi was mother of Sun.From the Sun was born Manu.Since Sun God was
      Manu’s father, his lineage came to be known as Surya Vamsha. Manu had many sons
      of whom 1o sons survived, one of whom was Ikshvaku.Ikshvaku was the founder of
      Ikshvaku dynasty.Rama kshatriyas belong to both Surya vamsha and Raghu vamsha.
      Raghu vamsha refers to Suryavanshi kings who ruled after Emperor Dilip of Ayodhya.

  66. Dear Madam,
    Usually we say kshatriyas are worriers, that they are kings in the history. Like Rashtrkoota, Gangas, etc. Like wise, did ramakshatriya belongs to dynasty, if at all so, to which dynasty did it belongs.

    • Dear Jyothi,noted Kannada writer late Mr.K.L.Shilahar(Lakshman Kumble)
      has written books on the history and roots of Ramakshatriya community.
      He is of the opinion that Ramakshatriyas are descendants of Shilahar
      royal dynasty.

  67. Dear mam,
    According to the port of Sep 19 2016, as Sri rama ruled ayodya, and RAMAKSHATRIYA belongs to suryavansha or raghuvansha. Then what is the original place of RAMAKSHATRIYA.

    • Dear Jyothi,Ramkshatriyas trace their lineage to Raghukula to which
      Lord Rama belonged. Ramkshatriya community is said to have its origin
      in Vijayadurga fort region(built by king Bhoja II of Shilahar dynasty)
      in Maharashtra.From there they migrated to Goa and subsequently to
      Karnataka and Kerala.

    • Dear Jyothi,there is keen controversy among scholars regarding
      the origin of Rajputs.In the absence of any definite theory on
      the origin of Rajputs, we can discuss the salient views about it.
      The theory of kshatriya origin of Rajput clan has more acceptability.
      The Ashvamedha sacrifice, the practice of Sati and the worship of Sun
      practice by the Rajputs are not clear marks of foreign heritage.
      These practices were ingrained in Hindu society.

  68. Dear mam
    I am belongs to lingayat kosti family. Lives in nashik-Maharashtra.
    Our bhatt said
    my gotra is Angira.
    Kuldevata is tuljapur devi.our origin is in yelgiri.
    Our cast is also called as hutgur in karnataka.
    I want to know my verna and his status.

    • Dear Deepa, Modage is a village in Hukeri Taluk in Belgaum district
      of Karnataka.A large number of Deshastha surnames are derived by
      adding suffix ”Kar” to the village from which the family originally

    • Dear Jyothi, I could not answer to you because I had gone with friends and relatives for China tour
      arranged by Thomas Cook.Sorry for the delay in replying to you.Gotra of Raghu vanshi kshatriyas
      are -Kashyap and Vasishta.Kuldevta is Lord Rama and kuldevi is Sita.Our neighour in Udupi,
      who is a Rama kshatriya informed me that their kuldevata is Mallikarjuna and ishta devta
      is Kandluru Amma and that gotra is vishwamitra.

    • Dear Sunita, Ramaraja Kshatriyas in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka
      use names of their ancestral places as their surnames. Adki is a village
      in the southern State of Karnataka.It is located in the Sedam taluk of
      Gulbarga district in Karnataka.

  69. Hello Sir,
    My surname is Diyewar , I am from Maharashtra. I belongs to Kshatriya Maratha Kalar cast, I don’t know my gotra. . from last 1 year I am trying to find origin of my gotra, that based on 7 sages. but I am unable to find.could you please help me to find my gotra.
    I married to Rajput Thakur girl (Love marriage) her paternal gotra is Kaushik, can I give this gotra to my son. ?
    Can I assign new gotra to me and my succeeding family. ?
    Please reply, I am eagerly waiting to listen from you.

    • Dear sir, surname Diyewar belongs to Haihaya Kshatriya kalachuri Kalar Samaj.
      Haihaya is a branch of Somavanshi kshatriyas.They claim lineage from king
      Kartaviryarjuna. Your gotra is Atri and Kuldevi is Mahalakshmi.

      • I asked to other blog that is Ramani’s blog, he said that my gotra is Kashyap Gotra. So I am confuse, which one is correct. Please guide me, who is correct? and which gotra I should follow either Atri or Kashyap as I am a Diyewar. Please reply, Waiting for your reply. Please help.

      • Dear Pari,please refer”Kshatriya’s 36 Kuls and full details of all kshatriyas and Rajputs.”
        Refer Chandravamsha, sl no 6-Kalachuri kshatriyas belong to Kashyap gotra.

  70. Hello Sir,
    My surname is Diyewar , I am from Maharashtra. I belongs to Kshatriya Maratha Kalar cast, I don’t know my gotra. from last 1 year I am trying to find origin of my gotra, which is based on 7 sages. but I am unable to find.could you please help me to find my gotra.
    I married to Rajput Thakur girl (Love marriage) her paternal gotra is Kaushik, can i give this gotra to my son. ?
    Can I assign new gotra to me and my succeeding family. ?
    Please reply, I am eagerly waiting to listen from you.

    • Dear sir,you belong to Haihaya branch of Somavanshi kshatriyas.They claim lineage from
      king Kartavirya Arjuna.Your gotra is Atri and Kuldevi is Mahalakshmi.You can assign your
      gotra to your son and succeeding family.

      • I am not getting again. your confusing me again, 1st you say Atri gotra and in 2nd reply your saying Kashyap Gotra. So please , just tell me that Maratha Kalar (Diyewar Surname) belongs in which Gotra? Answer in 1 word please. only gotra name.

      • then why you said in 1st reply that my gotra is Atri. and now your saying Kashyap is right. why, if you was not sure in 1st reply then why you mention that I belongs in Atri gotra.

      • Dear Pari, it is by oversight i refferred to Soma vanshi kshatriyas(sl no.1)
        instead of Kalachuri kshatriyas(sl no.6). I once again confirm that kashyap
        gotra is correct.If you are still in confusion consult your elders or local priests.

  71. dear vanihedge
    Can you tell me to which caste does PERUMALLA surname belong in andhra pradesh?
    where did they originate from?
    thank you.

    • Dear Ravi,please refer ”OHIROS.”Nadar community in
      Trivendrum district of Kerala is known by the surname
      Perumal.Perumal means king in Tamil.They belong to Pandian dynasty.

  72. Hello Vani ma’am. Great article.
    Could you please tell me what caste ‘Svami’ surname belongs to in the Belgaum region? Thanks.

  73. hi my name varun naik, I belong to arya idiga namadhari. but one of my friend from mandya ge is belong to vokkaliga. says namadhari’s are come under vokkaliga community. is this true or false.
    pls reply of I need a clean answer

  74. Dear Madam,
    Did all the community/caste ( four varnas)has gotras. Did gotras are derived from only Sapta Rushis. If from others from which they are from.

    • Dear Jyothi,according to brahminical theory the Brahmins are the direct descendants of 7 or 8 sages.
      These 8 sages are called gotrakarins from whom all the 49 gotras have evolved.According to Kshatriyas
      and Vaishyas, they are also descendants of these sages.Shudras also have gotras (eg:Markandeya) and
      follow it in marriages.

  75. Dear Madam,
    I am Vishwanath Prabhu.(GSB Community from Bhatkal).Yours is very informative Blog.
    My son in love with a girl having surname “Phadte” from Madakaim, Goa, which we have accepted.
    Some write “Phadte” Some write “fadte” in Goa (which according to you are Kshatriya Maratha Kharvi Samaaj”).
    Is “Phadte” & “Fadte” is one & same.? In Devanagari script there is no ambiguity.
    Can you through some light on which “gotra” they belong to. Any links.. any article… Please.
    Thanking you.

    • Dear Pooja, Bisht referred to someone who held a land grant.
      Bishts are on most occasions Kshatriyas, Rajputs or Thakurs.
      Bisht was a title given by the kings to nobles.

      • Dear Madam, Thank you for that information, which is very interesting. While following it up, I found the following sentences in Wikipedia: “Patrudu was a cultivating caste & their primary occupation Ayurvedic medicine. In the 18th century their ancestors were asthana vaidyulu of Vizianagaram and rose to prominence as physicians.” This might indicate that my doctor, Su Pothina, is following a caste tradition. However, her family appears to have converted to Christianity at some stage. The doctor’s mother was a Sunday school teacher, and the doctor herself is prominent in the Life Church here in Palmerston North, New Zealand. If you do an internet search, you can listen to some of her sermons.

        As you may know, until recently most of the Indians in New Zealand were descendants of indentured laborers – both Hindus and Muslims – who were transported to Fiji by the British colonial rulers. From Fiji, some of them migrated to New Zealand, presumably in search of a better life. Today, many of them operate small businesses, such as corner stores (called “dairies” in New Zealand English, although they sell more than milk).

  76. mam I used to love a girl a lot named dipti gupta.We both want to marry but the only problem exist is about my caste. My surname is Srivastava and i belong to Kanpur , U.P. As per my knowledge I am belong to kayastha community. But her brothers in-law (Jiju) who hails from Farrukhabad in U.P rejected our marriage and quoted that Srivastava’s are Barber (Nai) caste and hence belongs to lower category than gupta community. So they denied our marriage.. Mam could you please clarify me in detail that Srivastava’s belong to which caste and category.? and why her Jiju told that Srivastava’ s belong to Nai caste..please help me mam..

    • Dear Anand,status of the Kayastha has been a matter of controversy.
      Please refer WWW Naisamaj India Organization. Kayasthas were accorded
      a dual status Brahmin /Kshatriya.You may know father of Amitabh ,
      Hari Vansh Rai Srivastav has adopted the pen name bachchan.Srivastav
      surname belong to kayastha community . However recent times have also
      seen this surname used in other communities.

      • Srivastavas constitute a sub-caste of Kayastha who are classified as upper caste in North India. There is now -a- days a practice to adopt titles like Sharma, Thakur, Srivastava, Saksena, Sinha by certain castes in OBC / SC / ST category in North India. However, they can be identified by their Kuldevata, Gotra etc.
        As regards Gupta title, I want to add that some Teli caste poeople who are categorized as OBC use Gupta Title besides Sahu or Sao in UP & Bihar.

  77. Dear Mam, i want to know ALVE caste of karnataka belong to which category among gen, obc, sc and st…please answer me…it is important

    • Dear Ravi,those who belong to Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya only have gotras.
      Nowadays all castes say the name of their gotra which was self declared.You may
      say Vishnu gotra or consult the local priest.

  78. Dear mdm some our relatives and people says my gotra is RAMANUJA b coz i belong to chattada sri vaisnava ceast . and some our relative says our gotra is not ramanuja. RAMANUJACHARYA is our kulguru our gotra is different like bharadwaj kasyap shandilya
    mdm i have a big confusion also about my ceast some people says we are Brahman and some says we not nt brahman. please suggest mdm we are brahmin or nt and what is my gotra my surname is sree perambudur

    • Dear Ravi, the 1932 census report of Mysore stated that Chattada/Sattada
      Srivaishnava is the name of a distinctive group of Brahmins. Among srivaishnavas
      Sri Vatsa gotram is most common.

    • Dear Priyanka,please refer”96 Kuli Maratha Clans Saini Online”(
      Mahalle belongs to Dorik Gotra.We don’t have any informations on the nationality
      or ethnicity of the Mahalley surname.

    • Vellambar community hails from Muthiryar community. Mutharayar is the founder of Thanjavur and Perumbidugu. Mutharayars are also found in Northern districts of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh, in the name of Mudiraj.The Telugu Mudiraj and Tamil Muthuraj are one and the same people.They are also spread into Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat and other parts of Northern India. They are known as Kolis in Northern India.Surname Ambalam is given to them because of their administrations in their villages.

  79. Mam what is diff. between religon and cast ? my surname is sawwalakhe religon is jain, cast is wani . what category i belongs. uptill i am in open catagory.

    • Religions are the main ones like Hindu, Christian, Jain etc and the subdivisions in them are castes; like in Hindus it’s Lingayat, Maratha and in Jains caste like Wani etc. Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems that relate to spirituality and moral values.
      Some subcastes in Jainism have got OBC status.Minority status is religion
      based and OBC status is caste based.Jains are eligible for the benefits of minority status.Forward castes in Jains can get the minority benefits but not the OBC benefits while OBC Jains can get minority benefits plus OBC benefits.Jains are a religious minority. They are neither socially nor economically backward.Jains are of General category.

    • Dear Balakrishna, surname naik belongs to Bunt community.Please refer
      ”Brahmin Surnames Part Ist Ramani’s Blog.”Naik” surname belongs to
      Brahmin caste also. Parivara Bunts have surnames Naik and Shetty.
      In Rama Kshatriya community, surname Nayak is wrongly spelt as Naik
      or Naika.

    • Dear Bharat,surname Vuppanapalli is variant of surname Vipanapalli.
      You cannot tell which caste a person is, just by knowing his surname.
      Unless you explicitly ask him/her, you cannot know which caste he/she belongs.
      A surname may belong to multiple castes.It may point to a geographic location
      or the State that person belongs to.

    • Dear sir,Shankhapal belongs to royal clans of Maratha community. Clan Goddess Jogeshwari.
      Gotra -Agasthi, Rathod,Gargaya.Original kingdom is Malkhed in Gulbarga, district of Karnataka.
      Please refer-”The Royal Maratha Warriors”for further details.

    • Dear Rony,Padiyar is the surname of one of the caste of Garhwali Rajput.
      Padiyar is under Bisht category of Garhwali Rajput.Rajput community is
      a Kshatriya community.Padiyar surname also belongs to G.S.B.(Goud Saraswat Brahmins.)

  80. Maam I am shetty from the udupi I want to know shetty is upper caste but in karnataka list it is in obc how it is possible? And shetty is bunts but what is it brahmin, kshatriya, vaishya or shudra.some people tell it is kshatriya and some tell that it is shudra

    • Dear Sudhaakar, according to the system of varna, Bunts belong to the
      serpent lineage (Nagavanshi) of Kshatriyas. Please refer ”History of Bunts”-
      Prasad Shetty.Samanta Kshatriyas, Tulu Jains and Nairs are their related

    • Dear Sudhakar,actually there is no caste associated with Bunt community.
      There are about 90 clans among the Bunts.
      They claim their descent from the Alupa kings.

  81. Dear Vani Madam,
    I’m from Andhra Pradesh and my surname is Perumalla. From your post above I understand the gotram for this surname is Paidipalla but my mother says our gotram is Namandarla. I could not find any information on the Namandarla gotram. Is there any such gotram and people from which part of South India belong to Namandarla gotram?


    • Dear Shashi, no information is available about Namandarla gotram. There may be spelling mistake
      and if it means Namdhari gotra, you may refer ”Goud caste Surfindia Directory”.

  82. Thank you very much Madam. My mother said Namandarla could have been derived from the same Namdhari, people who wear namam of Lord Vishnu. Also one more thing, where do people with surname Billa or Bella belong to?

    • Dear Shashi,Kulwinder Billa is a punjabi singer. he comes from a punjabi family.
      Billa is derived from Sanskrit. It means ”hole, reservoir, pit”
      Bella is a female name related to Italian and Latin words for beautiful.You
      may refer ”Bella-Wikipedia” for details.

    • Dear Nandan surname Nagwekar belongs to Bhandari caste which is among sea-faring warrior castes(Rajput) of ancient and medieval India. Bhandaris are included in the list of OBCs in Goa.For further details please refer,”Surname Diary of Bhandari caste-Geocities ws” and ”History-Karwar Jilha Bhandari Sangh, Mumbai.”

  83. Bunts have Nagvanshi kshatriya roots.. we migrated as Nagvanshi towards south later mingled with indigenous local ruling class and thts how a new caste came into existence i.e Bunts(bhata) means powerful man/soilder in sanskrit. Bunts later got sub-divided into Nadava bunts(ones who speak kanada), masaadika bunts(ones who speak tulu), parivara bunts(ones who are brahmins or follow brahminism) and Jain bunts(bunt kings who converted to Jainism)

    • Dear Reddy,please refer ”Indian family names Wikipedia”.Anapuram is the name of a place. Telugu brahmins’ surnames are often derived from the place names where their ancestors received some grants of land or revenue.

  84. Namaste,
    My name is VIKAS & Surname is SURYAVAMSHI. I am Aryakshatriya by caste. Mother tongue is Marathi. I don’t know our Gothra .
    Can you please Kindly tell my Gothram?
    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Sharat, Barber word is derived from the Latin word ”barba'(beard).
      Barber is someone whose occupation is to cut hair,give shaves and trim
      beards.Bunts also have surname Bhandari(Bhandar is the local word for
      treasury) The Nai are barbers. Nai is the corrupt form of the Sanskrit
      word ‘Napika'(one who cleans nails).The earliest surgeons like the ones
      tending to battlefield injuries were barbers because of their expertise
      in handling the razor.A Persian word for barber is hajjam. Barber was a
      translation of Nai, a Hindi word for the barber caste.Barber community
      in various states are called as:
      Andhra Pradesh-Mangali
      West Bengal-Napit/Nai
      Gujarat- Ghajjis/Matkos
      Barber community is called by different names- Hajjam, Kelasi, Bhajantri,
      Mangali, Nai, Napit, Variks and Kshourika.

  85. Hallo mam,My caste Is KASAR(Occupation generally Bangadi,Bhandi) My question I was in Maratha caste or not

    • Dear Vignesh, the Mutharayars who ruled Padukottai, Narthmalai, Tanjavur
      and Pudukottai regions had their roots in Telugu speaking ancestors of Andhra Pradesh.

      • Dear Anusha, Jetty is known as Chaturvedi Moda Brahmins/Jyesta Malla Moda brahmins.
        They fall into two broad divisions-South Indian Brahmins and North Indian Brahmins.
        South Indian Brahmins are further classified into Maharashtra Brahmins,Andhra Brahmins,
        Dravida Brahmins, Karnataka Brahmins and Gujarat Brahmins.
        Jetty is one of the 84 different groups under Gurjara/Gujarat Brahmins.
        They follow vaishnavism and are namadharis. In Karnataka they are called Karnataka Brahmins.
        In Andhra they are called Andhra Brahmins.

      • Dear Sachin,there are spelling mistakes in gotras mentioned by you.
        Kul devta of Shandilya gotra is Shankheshwari Maa. Her temple is at Rajula village of Saurashtra.
        Annapurna maata is the kuldevta of Gangasia, Mahichal and Badhadara.

    • Dear Sachin,Gangania gotra belongs to Yadava clan.
      According to Sri Mad Bhagavatam and Hindu literature
      Yadava is Kshatriya varna. Yadav have 4 sub-castes
      under its belt–Ahir,Gawli, Goala and Konar. It was
      a Kshatriya clan which started from moon God with
      king Puru as a first person. Lord Krishna took birth
      in this clan.

  86. Thnx mam
    But i jus wanna ask Gangania gotra origin from u.p or Rajasthan???
    And where is mata yogeshwari temple

  87. Mam, can u please provide information about namadhari naiks from Honnavar:
    1. Do they belong to SC/ST?
    2. Which Varna do they belong to?
    3. There ‘Naik’ surnames that belong to SC/ST category, which caste do they belong to?

  88. Mam, can u please give info abt namadhari naiks who stay in honnavar.
    1. Which Varna do they belong to?
    2. Do they come under SC/ST?
    3. Which castes that have Naik as surname come under SC/ST?

    • Dear Sms,Namdhari caste is brought under Backward Class ”A”group.Please refer Namdhari-Indian Kanoon(https/Indiankanoon org/search/forminput=Namdhari)

      • Dear Sms,Arya Idiga were involved in Soma and Ayurvedic medicine developers
        in ancient days who are classified as Somavanshi Kshatriyas. In coastal
        areas of Karnataka they are known by various names such as Billava, Namdhari,
        Halepaika, Namdhari Naik and Thiyya.Yellamma Thaayi also known as Renuka Devi
        is the community deity.Please refer”About us-Karnataka Pradesh Arya Edigara
        yuvakara sangha”.

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