Do You Know?

1)Dr.K.R.Alur,a prominent archaeo-zoologist
expounded the theory that India was the original
abode of Aryans and not central Asia. Aryan Gods
like Rama and Krishna were purely Indian Gods and
not from Central Asia. Horses were believed to be
brought to India by the Aryans from Central Asia.
But bones of horse discovered at Hullur village
(on the banks of the Thungabhadra river in Dharwar
district) were pre-Aryan find. Several such bones
were found in pre-historic excavations in other
parts of India, confirming the theory that Aryans
were the original inhabitants of the country.
Differences between the Aryans and Harappans were
induced by ecology, food and climate and nothing
to do with the original habitat of the race as is
the current belief.
2)For treating soil contaminated by explosives and
residues of T.N.T. hungry microbes(micro organisms)
are used to literally eat the contaminants in soil
and sediments at Oregon in America. This system is
known as composting.
3)Camel has 3 pairs of eye lids. This is nature’s
gift to save the eyes from the blowing sands.



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