Is God Male Or Female?

God doesn’t have any shape but in the form
of ‘micro-cosmic energy’. God is sexless.
-Suguna T.S.
God existed even before Adam and Eve. So no
question of male or female.
-Anupama S.
Male. Because you have to ask so many times
to get Him to do what you want.
-Karthika Sasikumar.
Depends upon whether God is creating or destroying.
-Seeta Rattan.
Obviously female because of Her unpredictability
-no one knows what will come next.
-Onkar Jain.
Female. Because God too, is always right.
-Shashank Shekhar.
Only God knows.
-Onkar Jain.
Female. Only a female can sit back and enjoy
after creating so much chaos.
Gaurav Malhotra.
Source: Collection.


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