Peace Of Mind.

Feeling sad by comparing our possessions with
those of others, spoils our peace of mind, indeed.
My friend may have many fashionable and modern
garments which I cannot afford to purchase
because of my limited sources of income. And
if this becomes the reason of my unhappiness,
I may lose peace of mind.This is jealousy which
ruins us.There is a story which illustrates this
truth convincingly.Govinda and Gopala were friends
and they went to lonely places to do penance with
intention to beg boons from God so that they become
rich men.After many years of hard penance, God
appeared before Gopala and asked what are his wishes.
Gopala asked God whether He had appeared before Govinda
and what he begged from Him.God said ,”I had appeared
before you first.” Then Gopala asked God to go towards
Govinda and to grant him twice of amount of boon which
Govinda begs from Him.God then appeared before Govinda
and asked him to beg a boon.At this, Govinda asked God
whether He had appeared before Gopala and if yes, what
did he beg from Him.God said that He had approached Gopala
who said that he wants twice of the boon which Govinda begs.
Govinda then asked God to make his one eye blind. God said
”yes” and disappeared. Gopala lost vision of both of his
eyes and became totally blind.One cannot get peace of mind
if s/he aspires to get prosperity by aiming at the downfall
of others. This was the essence of speach delivered by the
chief guest at the retired Bank employees gathering at Mangalore
on 18th,March 2012.
Vani Hegde.


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