What Is Poem?

Poems are ”emotions recollected in tranquillity”
–William Wordsworth.
Poems are ”spontaneous overflow of emotions”
–John Donne.
Poetry is called ”Devil’s wine”.
Poems are the product of personal experiences
or emotions of the poet.
In prose, clarity is the essence whereas ambiguity
adds to the richness of the poetic expression.
Aim of poem is to share the experiences of a poet
with the readers. Normal use of language is to
convey informations and hence denotative whereas in
poetry there is connotative use of language.
There is a purposeful distortion of the language
to mould it to the poet’s experiences.
Poetic diction and poetic devices such as rhymes,
figures of speech, metaphors, similies, imagery,
alliterations, onomatopoetic words etc add to
the allure of the poem.


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