Do You Know?

1)Rambha, the maid servant of M.K.Gandhi’s parents
initiated him into the mantra/chant of the name of
Rama, which enabled Gandhi till the moment of
martyrdom from the moment of initiation to overcome
the fear of ghosts, thieves and snakes.
2) Chhatrapati Shivaji’s Guru(Brahmin tutor) was
Dadoji Konddev who taught him
the basics of state craft in his boyhood and made
him understand his responsibilities as a ruler.
The sage Samarth Ramdas came into his life when
he was the sovereign of the Maratha empire.
3)Until 1752, Christmas in England was celebrated on
January,6 and not on December 25. It was in that year
that England adopted the Gregorian calendar, according
to which Christmas falls on December 25.
4)The first Mosque in India was built by a Moplah Raja
Cheraman Perumal in 1629A.D. in Cranganore(Kodungallur)
in Kerala.
5)Maharshi Kashyapa, later known as Acharya Kanada(a Hindu sage)
was the first who explained the concept of ”atom”.
6)The first computer language was PLANKALKUL, designed
in 1945 by Konrad Zuse,a German engineer.
7)Aryabhata was the first who claimed that the Earth
is a sphere and rotates around its axis.
8)Edwin Drake was the first to drill oil from the
surface of the Earth.
9)Eratosthenes was the first to determine the size
of the Earth correctly.
10)Karl G. Jansky was the first to detect the radio
waves coming from space.
11)Homeopathic cure for python skin is possible.
The peculiar skin condition finds mention in a
book called”Diseases of the skin” by Dr.J.C.Burnett.
12)Many pilgrims to shrine of Lord Ayyappa at
Shabarimalai, consider it as indispensable, in their
itinerary, to visit the Church of St. Sebastin
(popularly known as Veluthachan-which means
in local language as white father-)at Arthungal
and a Mosque of a Muslim Saint named Vavaraswami
at Erumeli, in order to celebrate Lord Ayyappa’s
legendary association with those saints.
13)Orange Book-Officiai publication of Netherland.
White Book-Official publication of Germany,
Portugal and China.
Blue Book-Official publication of Britain.
Grey Book————do——- of Japan and Belgium.
Yellow Book———-do——- of France.
Green Book———–do——- of Italy and Iran.
White Paper examines the trade and investment policy
of Britain.
”Green Book”–Colonel Muammar Gaddafi wrote this
mysterious book.
14)Photographic films get spoiled on exposure to light,
because silver bromide solution with which it is treated
gets oxidised on exposure to light.
15)The different layers of air differ in temperature; so
their density differs, causing a mirage effect. Hence the
surface of a smooth road appears wet under hot sun.


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