Healthy Informations.

1)A low-fat diet controls weight into old age.
-a new study shows.
2)They alone live, who live by agriculture; all
others lead a dependent life.-Tirukkural.
3)Cigarette smokers have the heavy metal cadmium
in their blood at levels higher enough to cause
kidney injury.
4)Don’t use flax seed oil in deep frying, for grilling,
basting(=baste) or oiling pans. But it can be used in
dough for baking.Frying destroys the oil and produces
toxic substances.
5)Just 30 minutes of brisk walking can immediately
boost the mood of depressed.-researchers at the
University of Texas report.
6)Scientists in South Africa have found that gold
based drugs are very active in fighting against Cancer,
Malaria and H.I.V.
7)Regular exercise can prevent blindness in old age,
research shows.
8)Cancer-sniffing(electronic/nano metric/sensors)device
has been developed by an Israeli scientist, Hossam Haiek.
The device can detect various types of tumours and
determine, various stages of the disease using samples
from a patient’s breath.
9)Fasting is an effective treatment for rheumatism, if
followed by a vegetarian diet. It also cures migraine or
arthritis and can also lower blood pressure. Many hard to
treat conditions including various skin disorders benefit
from the metabolic switch that takes place, when the body
starts living off its own reserves.
10)Scientists at the University of Manchester, in England,
have discovered a protein ”code” that instructs cells to
sprout hair-a solution to cure baldness.


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