World of words.

1)Dernier cri(French word,lit:’the last cry’)means
the very latest fashion.
2)De facto(Latin word)means ‘in fact’ whether by
right or not.
3)Haute couture(French word,lit:’high dress making’)
means designing and making of clothes by fashion houses.
4)Vox populi(Latin word, lit:’the voice of the people’)
means public openion.
5)Deja vu(French word, lit:’already seen’)means the
sense of having experienced the present situation before.
6)Aviv=wise (in Tamil) and ‘youth’ in Hebrew.
7)TINGO=to borrow objects from a friend’s house, one by one
until there is nothing left.
8)Laissezfaire(French word, lit:’allow to do’)means a non-
interventionist policy.
9)PUTZ fimmel(German word)=A mania for cleaning.
10)Carte blanche(French word,lit:blank paper)means complete
freedom to act as one wishes.
11)Gigi rongak(Japanese word)=the space between the teeth.
12)Dre ich(Scotish word)=a miserably wet day.
13)Gaia(Greek word)=mother earth.
14)Plowtery(Scotish word)=showery.
15)Paparazzi= photographers.
16)Drookit(Scotish word)= soaked to the skin.
17)Da Bi Zi(Chinese word)=big noses.
18)Chinar(name of a tree) literally means ‘what a fire!’
During October end, the leaves turn crimson red and
look majestic.
19)Morpheus-The Greek God of dreams.
20)Toyota=Paddy field and Honda=prominent rice field.
(Japanese words)


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