Historical Truths.

1)Tajmahal was a temple of Lord Shiva, probably
built by Raja Man Singh;22 rooms below the grave
yard are locked for public view.
2)Rice porridge keeps China Great Wall in tact!
-reports Xinhua news agency(Beijing).
The legend that ancient Chinese craftsmen used
glutinous rice porridge in the mortar while
building ramparts, has been verified.
3)Age of grass:
Dinosaurs became extinct, 65 million years ago.
Fossilised dung of a herbivorous dinosaur containing
Phytolith and silica nodules(which are found only in
grass) confirmed that grass was present before 65
million years as against the belief that grass was
40 million years old.
4)”Teej” festival got it’s name from a small red
insect called ”teej”, that comes out of soil during
rains.Goddess Parvati united with Shiva, after worshipping
Him for hundred years, on this day.Invocation of Parvati’s
blessings on this day, leads to marital bliss.
5)Gazetteer of Dharmasthala, attributes the installation of
the image of Manjunatha or Siva in ‘linga form'(brought from
Kadri, Mangalore) and of His consort Durga, by a Jaina woman
named Ballalti, who belonged to the ruling class of the area.
6)Freaky dates:
In U.S.A., the date was on April 5, 2006
(because in the U.S. format, the month comes before the day.)
In India, it is on 1.23(time)04(date)05(month-May)06(year,2006)
.,04/05/06.(May, 4th, 2006). It’s happening for the first time
in hundred years. The world has not seen a date like it since at the turn of the millennium.
12345678-another amazing date will arrive in another 66 years.
At,12:34 on June 5, 2078(in Indian format) and on May 6,2078
(in the U.S.format) it will be 12345678{at 12.34(time) on 5th
June 2078.}
7)4 traditional Kumbh Melas are held at Prayag(Allahabad),
Hardwar, Nasik and Ujjain.


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