Useful Hints.

1)Don’t use ”fear” as a tool to motivate the children.
Fear makes a student dull and reduces his intelligence.
2)You are at risk-if you are hypertensive,diabetic, obese,
smoker,having cardiac disease & family history of stroke.
Prevent life long dependency with timely treatment. Treat
stroke within 3 hours and reverse the disability.
3)Be bold in what you stand for; and careful what you fall for.
4)Cycling improves blood circulation,lymph circulation and
circulation of fluid in joints and aqueous fluid in the eyes.
5)Don’t smoke, as it damages the supply of blood to the feet.
Avoid walking barefoot.
6)Mosquito repellents(coils, mats,creams, lotions & solutions)
pose health hazard–breathing problems, irritation in eyes,
headache and asthma, cough and cold, sneezing and allergy,
nausea and vomitting are the typical health problems caused.
7)Excessive use of computer reduces intellectual functions.
8)Vitamin E help prevent destruction of lung membrane.
Vitamin E disappears in smokers. Vitamin C supplements,
lower risk of cancer in smokers.
9)Safe level of blood pressure-120/80. A device which
resembles a C D-Walkmen uses musical cues to reduce high
blood pressure.
10)Chillis(capsicum) make cancer cells commit suicide.The chemical
compound ‘capsaicin’ reduces the size of tumours by a fifth.
However, increase in intake of hot chillies is risky as that
has been linked to stomach cancer.


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