New Year Greetings.

Dear children, friends, relatives and viewers,
It’s a joy to think of you at the start of the New Year,
and send fond wishes too, that in this New Year, may all
your cherished hopes and dreams come true.
Happy New Year!
Vani Hegde.
Also remember–
Beauty can be found in beginnings as well as in endings;
for, they are each a part of life’s journey.-Flavia.
Never let a cloudy day ruin your sunshine;
for, even if you can’t see it, the sunshine is still there,
inside of you ready to shine,when you will let it.
-Amy Pitzele.
If you are not playful, you are not alive.-David Hockney.
Think positive. Never linger on your failures or negatives.
There is always something positive in every situation.
Never forget winners endure. Our attitude decides our
altitude in life.(source:collection)


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