Do you Know?

Thor=God of Thunder.

Donder=God of thunder in Dutch.

Blitzen=God of lightning in German.

S.W.A.N=Service Women’s Action Network.

In U.S.A each state has it’s own flag.

Mango is the national fruit of India, Pakistan & Philippines.

It is the national tree of Bangladesh.

Puru(Samskrit word)=As His form is of cosmic dimension,
He is Puru or Great.
“Beat around the bush”=In bird hunting,the technique>
used to scare birds out of the bush, so that hunters were
more easily able to shoot them down. In bear hunting, the technique was
used as a safety device to guard against a bear charging directly

at a hunter.

Hrishikesha(Samskrit word)=The master of the senses or He, under whose control the senses subsist.
Adhokshaja(Samskrit word)=One who undergoes no degeneration from His
original nature.(Lord VIshnu)
Drilling for natural gas from shale rock contaminates ground water<br/
wells with methane.<br
Goddess Artemis was Goddess of wild things as well as protector of the


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