Rain Matters.

Rain is the condensed  moisture of the atmosphere,

falling visibly in seperate drops.(Oxford Dictionary)

”Rain is shower  from the sky”–explains Encarta.

”Mercy is gentle rain from heaven that blesseth

him that gives and him that takes”—Portia (Merchant

of Venice)

”Into each life some rain must fall.”–H.W.Longfellow.

Criticism,like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish

a man’s growth without  destroying  his roots.–Frank

A Clark.

Rain as an acronym stands for:—

R–Rescuing          |Rebundant     |Recruiting     |Recognize

A–Animals            |Array of          |Automated    |Avoid

I–In                       |Independent   |Interim          |Isolate

N–Needs.             | Nodes            |Network       |Notify

Rain maker is one who generates income for the

company by attracting clients.

Reporters ”rained” questions.

Bombs rained down on the battle field.

”Rainbird” is a bird, that can foretell rain by

it’s call.

”Rainbow coalition” is a political alliance of

convenience with differing groups.

”Fog” is composed of particles so fine, as to be

not only  indistiinguishable but to float or be suspended

in the air.

”Rainbow”, the arch of colours in the sky, is

created by refraction, reflection and the dispersion of

light. It is visible when the sun is shining through air,

containing water spray or rain drops which occur during

or immediately after a rain shower. The bow is always

observed in the opposite side of the sky, from the sun.

When water falls  in very small drops or  particles(raindrops

generally  have a diametre, greater than 0.5m.m.)

we  call it ”mist”.

”Acid   Rain” contains harmful chemicals, spewed out

by our polluting activities and descends on our  heads

as nature’s retribution.

”Clouds”  come floating into my life, no longer

to carry rain or usher storm but to add colour

to my sunset sky”–sings  Ravindranath Tagore.

”Spit fire,spout rain”-King Lear.

”Dissolve, thick cloud and rain;

That I may say, ‘the Gods themselves weep’.”

(-forerunner of bigger trajedies)–Antony and Cleopatra.

”What tellest thou me of black and blue? I was beaten

myself into all the colours of the rainbow”–Shakespeare.

”Rain, whose soft architecural hands have power to cut

stones and chisel to shapes of grandeur, the very mountains”

—Henry Ward Beecher.


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