Health Corner.

1)Benzoin incense is rarely pure, as factories mix

the benzoin with damar resin and other ingredients

to make incense blocks. Damar is a resin from Pine,

used in incense sticks instead of benzoin. These burn

more slowly. The researchers say that smoke from

burning incense stick is laden with cancer causing chemicals.

Beyond the  cancer scare, incense is actually bad for air.

Incense burning creates more pollution than road traffic

at a local  intersection. A large group of highly

carcinogenic chemicals are released, when

certain substances are burnt. A  polycyclic aromatic

hydro carbons (P.A.Hs) called benzopyrene which

is thought to cause lung cancer was found in very high

quantities inside a Buddhist temple in Tainan city,

Thaiwan, by researchers.



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