:Do You Know?

1)Establishment of green belts around atomic power plants,

cut down radio active pollution in the event of accidents.

A 500-metre wide green belt with trees of 1o metre height

can reduce pollution from nuclear plants by a factor of 10

to 10,000 depending on weather conditions and the time

of the day.

2)Tulasi(basil plant) emits ozone–yeilds oil

possessing anti-bacterial and insecticidal

properties. It inhibits the in vitro growth of

mycobacterium. The ‘ether” held  leaves

produce a lethal effect to bacterial and are

a mosquito repellant too.

3)45-45=45.  How?

987654321=45.(add each digit)

(–)123456789=45(add each digit)


==864197532=45(add the digit)

4)The alphabet is the gateway to language and

then to knowledge.

S–the serpent letter; X—kiss;

Z–unnecessary letter; O–conveys emotion;

M–introduces baby talk; R–dog’s letter.



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