Big And Tall.

Big and tall are different concepts.The concept ”Big” refers to

size of a thing ; it also refers to the ego of a person who is

rich or enjoys high position in the society.The  ”Big” person

guards the distance between him and ordinary people.

The concept ”Tall”  refers to the height  of a thing.

A ”Tall” person may not be proud  or rich. He  enjoys the company

of others.Mountain is tall and the ocean is big. Oceans produce pearls

but the water to the ocean is supplied by the snow covered tall mountains.

A thing which is ”Big” may not be reliable. A big ship  may be

drowned by the cyclone or the passengers may be attacked by

the pirates. A big aeroplane may be hit by a small bird and explode;

or the fuel may be finished on the midway causing the aircraft  to

make emergency landing  at an unknown place.

A tall lamp post may guide the ship which has lost

it’s route. Tall pillars support the roof of a house.We may not

be big persons but by instalment of  virtues within us

we can elevate our personality and become tall persons.

Vani Hegde.


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