Different Thoughts.


In a world torn by war, artists and philosophers more

than anyone else, can stop the coarsening of the

human fibre. The public trust artists because they have

chisels, not axes to ground; their brushes are used to paint,

not  tarnish the truth.


We make promises to ourselves, others and even to God,

with real sincerity and honesty in our hearts. But as time

passes, we find that some promises are kept and some not.

Two factors that contribute to our change of heart are–

we individuals change or circumstances change.

Speed and slow:

Speed is five letter word. That is-”death.”

Slow is four letter word. That is -”life”.


Communication means meeting of minds for transfer

of ideas. Absence of communication breeds contempt.

It is a process of putting minds into contact with one

another, so as to obtain understanding, clarity and

exchange of informations.

Beautiful and sorrowful music:

The laughter of the little children at play, is the most beautiful

sound in the world, surpassing the finest music that humans

can create; there is no sorrow greater  or more poignant than

the weeping of suffering child.


Towards the penitent, it is forgiveness;

Towards the wicked, it is resistance;

Towards God, it is reverence, love and obedience.



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