A Page From My Diary.

—————————————Hari Oum———————————-


Life is about relationships-matrimonial, parental, sibling,

fraternal, friendly and even the one with strangers. It is faith

that sustains  relationship and makes our life comfortable.

Quote of the day:

Knowledge  is free but you have to bring your own


Health Corner:

People should not use mobile phones outdoors during

thunderstorms because of the risk of being struck by

lightning, leading to internal injuries and death.

Divine corner:

Story of the holy desert fathers(Abba Moses) of 4th century

Egypt, Syria and Asia Minor.

Once, a brother committed a fault. A council was called

to which the old and respected Abba Moses refused to go.

A priest sent someone to him, saying, ”Come, everyone is

waiting you.” So he reluctantly got up to join them, carrying

on his shoulder a broken jug filled with water. The others

came out to meet him and seeing the dripping water, asked,

”What is this father?” The old man answered,”My sins run out

behind me and I do not see them. Yet today I come to judge the

errors of another.”  Hearing this, they said no more to the brother

and forgave him.


Q:Which bird can lift the heaviest weight?


Do you know?

”Honeymoon” comes from an ancient reference to your

”honey’s sweetness waning  like the phases of the moon.”

(All collections).

Diary:It is not enough if one becomes a learned person.

S/he  should be intelligent also.In a movie, named ”Anaadi”

(=ignorant) the hero enters a restaurant and orders for a meal.

When he started eating, he found a dead cockroach in his plate

and began to scream, ”cockroach! cockroach!”  On seeing

him holdig the cockroach in his hand, all those assembled

there, started vomiting.The manager of the restaurant became

angry and scolded him saying that because of his bad manners

he suffered losses in business.He drives him out of the restaurant.

The hero realised his mistake and expresses his feelings in this

song, ”I learnt everything except intelligence. People are justified

in calling me Anaadi/ignorant.” And in another movie, named

”Sangam”(union) the wife of the hero makes fun of her ignorant

husband in this song, ”When all the men carry home flowers to please

their wives, my old man brings for me cauliflower.” We should be

intelligent enough to understand the ocassion and act with


Vani Hegde.


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