Inspiring Quotes.

1)Always put worry in its proper place–out of

your life.

2)Life is a school. Those who learn to love and

help others , graduate  with honours.

3)Oil the machine of your life with prayer and it’s

bound to run smoother.

4)You have the choice to be one of two types of

people–one who brings happiness whenever s/he

comes or one who brings happiness whenever s/he


5)Someday life will all make perfect sense, so

laugh through the confusion; smile through the

tears and keep reminding yourself, ‘everything

happens for a reason.’

6)Winner define the limits; Champions redefine them.

7)We can live individually but can survive only


8)Mountains of gold may not tempt some men,

yet flattery will break them down.

9)If you have enough cash to buy yourself  a

luxurious yacht, but  no real friends to sail with,

you’re sunk.

10)”Lifeisnowhere” or ”Life is now here”. How

did you read? Just a beautiful way to say–Life

is the way you look at it !



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