Do You Know?

1)Shadowgraphy= cinema in silhouette; a unique

art form, a combination of hands and fingers on a

blank screen telling you the stories with complete

audio visual effects.

2)Ballot and Bullet are both derived from Greek words

for ”balls”.The Greeks dropped a white ball when they

favoured a candidate and a black one  when against.

3)International Date Line–There are 360 longitudinal

lines on the globe–from 0 to 180 degrees East,

as well as 0 to 180 degrees  West; of these,

180 degree East and 180 degree West are

the same line, since they coincide on the globe.

This line is called the International Date Line.

4)The site of Biblical ”Garden of Eden” is considered to be

at the marsh lands of Southern Iraq (Mesopotamia).

5)Turning smoke to medicine–Solanesol, a compound

found in tobacco, is used to treat cardio vascular disease;

30 tonnes of tobacco leaf can produce 120kg of solanesol;

1 kilo of solanesol costs 200$.



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