A Page From My Diary.

—————————-Hari Oum———————-

Quote of the day:One Little rain drop  may think

itself too small but somewhere a thirsty flower awaits

its fall.

Humour:Q:Why was the maths book crying?

A:Because, it had too many problems.

Health corner:Obese(fatty) adults and children

face the risk of losing their eyesight  from a range

of degenerative  eye conditions–reports Royal

National Institute of the Blind(R N I B), London.

Obesity also causes diabetes and heart disease.

Do you know? Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus

originated from India.Quadratic  equations were used

by Sridharacharya. The largest numbers the Greeks and

the Romans used were  106, whereas Hindus used numbers

as big as 10*53 with specific names as early as 5,000 B C.

View: If all think alike,there would be no progress.

Divine Corner: Puja= flower offering.

Pujya ”Mataji”(mother) or Pujya ”Pitaji” (father)

means honoured parents. It has a grace and power

which is lacking completely in ”Hi, Mom or Dear Dad!”.


Diary:Kannada is a rich language.A rain song in a

Kannada movie named ”Accident”, is very appealing.

The hero remembers his beloved, lost in the accident

like this:”Don’t pelt down drops so heavily, Oh, rain!

If you pour steadily, my beloved cannot come towards me;

Please slow down, so that she may come to meet me;

And after her coming near me, please pour down so heavily,

That she cannot return to her abode again.”


Vani Hegde.


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