Do You Know?

1)The verb ”cleave” is the only English word with

two ‘syn’onyms which are ‘ant’onyms of each other:

adhere(=stick) and seperate(=split apart).

2)2520 is the lowest number into which all

the digits, 1 to 10 will divide.

3)The flag of Philippines is the only national flag,

that is flown differently during the times of peace

and war. A portion of the flag is blue, while the other

is red.The blue portion is  flown on top during peace

time and the red portion is flown on top during war time.

4)It is said that  the ”Refinement of Latin is French

and it is further transgressed as English”.English

has assimilated phrases and words from different


5)No pharmaceutical company discloses  the

contents of the capsule cover material, the coating

of tablets and the ink used in printing capsules, nor

Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

6)Suicide  attempters in the west are given

medical treatment and escorted back to the

families. In India, they are arrested and prosecuted.

7)Weight lifting curbs diabetes risk in over-weight

kids.Weight lifting twice a week, for 16 weeks result

in significant improvement in ability of heavy teens

to respond to insulin.

8) Planets are formed from the material spewed

from the explosive death of a star–U.S.astronomers say.

9)Contempt of court Bill:

Contempt  is of 2 types–Civil; where a court order

hasn’t been followed and Criminal;(interference in

the administration of justice).

10)Stuttgart is a twin city of Mumbai in Germany.

(adopted in 1966).



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