World Of Words.

1)Politics=Poli(=many); tics(=blood sucking parasites).

2)Republic(Latin word)=Res publica(=matters of State).

3)Osama means ”secluded” in Serbian.

4)Moleman  is a person who works for an

organisation or government and secretly

gives information to its competitor or enemy.

5)Mouse Potato–refers to someone who is glued

to the computer screen.

6)Couch potato—refers to one who is glued to

the television screen.

7)Globalisation–Theodore Levitt coined the term.

8)Puffer machine—is a security device that detects

explosives at airports and other sensitive areas.

9)Sophia is Greek Goddess of logic.

10)vaata, pitta and kapha are the body’s

fundamental principles. Ayurveda figures out that

”vaata” is dry, ”pitta” hot and ”kapha” heavy.

11)In Vitro, studies are done in a laboratory dish.

In Vivo,studies are conducted using human subjects.

12)Xena(planet new) is a fictional warrior princess.

13)Jyotish means light of God. Vedic astrology uses

planets upto Saturn.(Uranus, Neptune and Pluto aren’t


14)Nector is called the beverage of the Gods.

15)Kuiper belt—the belt of comets  on the edge

of the solar system where Pluto resides.



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