Spiritual Corner.


It isn’t what we have, that makes a difference,

but, how we use it, that is important. If a drum

is given to a musician, he will create music. The

man who is not a drummer, will only produce noise

with the drum.—Swami Sukhbodhaananda.

2)Only inner richness helps us discover outer

richness.—–Swami Sukhbodhaananda.

3)The wound caused by fire can heal but alas,

not the hurt caused by the tongue’s harsh words !

–Kural(Valluvaar)–Tamil sage.


Destination only is not sufficient. You need a

roadmap and directions where to turn and which

exit to take; otherwise, you could be on the freeway

all the time, knowing not where you have to exit. This

could make the journey continuous and never ending.

Directions are essential.

—Shri Shri Ravishankar.

5)Offering ”Arghya”(in Sanskrit, ”salutation”) to

rising sun:—as the water poured (through the cup

of palms) on the ground reflects the morning sun rays,

rich in ultraviolet and infra red rays in a concentrated

form and the reflected rays fall on the body in a bunch,

which produces vitamin D, kill the germs and act as a




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