Funny Advertisements.

1)Wanted:Part-time married girls for soda fountain

in sandwich shop.

2)Loose all your weight. only Rs.2000.

3)Illiterate? Write to us for free help!

4)Buying online with a ”brain” that’s ”offline”.

5)Hot offers! Cool prices! Hurry up!

6)E=M C2{Engineering=Multiple Career Choices.

7)Keep your city clean and green.

8)Ladies Blouses on sale! 50% off!

9)Parachute on sale! In good condition, except

a small opening.

10)Dine at  ”X” restaurent ! Eat unlimited offers !

and burst your belly !

11)Senior citizens, don’t  leave behind only your

memories ! Instead, leave behind your assets also !

12)Dog is on sale ! It eats everything. It is very fond

of little children !

13)Dog food is on sale ! If the dogs don’t eat,

try yourselves ! (We mean, try to feed  the dogs !  )

14)Dry–cleaning shop owner displayed a board

outside the shop which read like this:”We don’t

rip apart your expensive clothes by laundering

them through washing machine. Instead, we do

that thing with our hands.”



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