Do you know?

1)Depression can make bones weak–causes

bone mass loss and osteoporosis.Anti-depressant

drugs could be used to treat osteoporosis.

2)Friday, the 13th is considered ominous/

unlucky and associated with dark forces

and fated mission to the moon,


Hospitals and hotels regularly have no room

no.13; Airoplanes have no 13th aisle. Many

airports skip the 13th gate. More than 80 percent

of high-rises lack a 13th floor.

However, in Indian astrology, the day or date 13th and

Friday are not considered ominous. In Indian

pantheon, there are 13 Buddhas; 13 mystical discs

surrounding the  Indian and Chinese pagodas and there

are 13 snake gods of the Maxicans.

3)A handful of walnuts (7 or 8 nuts) a day, can keep

heart disease away. Snacking on nuts can prevent

fatty foods from damaging arteries.Spanish research

showed that walnuts provide even more protection than

olive oil, feted for its ability to ward off heart disease.

4)In Hindu mythology,Vaitunta is an eternal world, which

is singularly characterised by the complete absence of 4

miseries–birth, disease, old age and death. The world we

live is replete with kunta or misery. Anyone who observes

fast  on  ”Vaikunta Ekadashi” day, with great faith and devotion,

attains Vaikunta, the world without miseries. Lord Shri Krishna

advised Gita to Arjuna on Vaikunta Ekadashi day.

5)Bovine excrete (Gomutra), if sprayed in some

specific concentration, stimulated growth in plants,

by working both as a pesticide and manure at the

same time. A mixture comprising cow’s urine, neem

and garlic also boosts plant growth. (Research)



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