Do You Know?

1)Chemical composition of blood is very similar

to sea-water. Hence plain salt (has minute quantities

of important trace elements and iodine) is crucial to life /

complementary to body fluids.

2)Millennium Bug means–computers don’t know

what century it is. Fo eg: they can’t tell the difference

between the 1904 and 2004.

3)Draco was an Athenian law giver whose code

of laws (Draconian law ) were considered  very

severe even for the smaller offence. These laws

were written in blood and were rigorous, harsh

and stringent.

4)Light beams colliding with each other can create

something (an electron and its anti–matter counterpart,

a positron) out of nothing(vacuum).

5)A chip of Sanjeevini hill dropped at Ayyangarkulam,

(near Kanchi at Tamilnadu State in South India)

when Anjaneya(Hanumaan) was carrying to save

Lakshmana, who was injured in the Sri Rama

–Ravana war. A temple for Anjaneya is raised

on the spot  to mark the incident. The Sanjeevarayar

deity cures any type of disease.

6)”Godot” is a fictional  literary name. It is associated

with death, guilt, salvation or God, because of the play,

”Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett.

7)Garba dance in Gujarat is dedicated to Goddess


8)Deep–fried samosas, pizza & burgers have

sparked a surge in diabetic cases among people

doing sedentary office jobs.

8)In the sciences, the Ig Noble Prize, sponsored by the

Annals of Improbable Research, acknowledges scientific

achievements that cannot or should not be reproduced.

9)If it is ”Gateway of India” for Mumbai & ”Qutub

Minar” for New Delhi, it’s ”Howrah Bridge” for Kolkata.

10)Cameo appearances (guest appearance with high

rate-card) mean big money in a little time.



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